Solar Panels

Panasonic is getting ready EverVolt solar modules and storage methods for cargo

Panasonic is preparing EverVolt solar modules and storage systems for shipment

According to Panasonic Corp. From North America, the EverVolt solar modules, which were developed for the EverVolt battery storage system, are available for shipping. The new solar panels announced in December 2020 offer advanced efficiency and performance, exceptional rates of deterioration and a full warranty, the company said. EverVolt solar modules of the 370 W … Read more

ForeFront Energy Will get Industrial Operation for Illinois Solar Challenge

ForeFront Power Gets Commercial Operation for Illinois Solar Project

ForeFront Power, a US-based developer of distributed solar and energy storage projects, has achieved commercial operation of the largest solar project in Kane County, Illinois. With 7,384 panels, the 2.8 MW project supplies the Mooseheart Child City and School, a non-profit childcare facility for children and young people in need, with electricity. The project created … Read more

IPL plans to develop the portfolio with the Indiana Solar Mission

IPL plans to expand the portfolio with the Indiana Solar Project

Indianapolis Power & Light Co. (IPL), a subsidiary of AES Corp., has announced plans to acquire a 195 MW solar project. “IPL has long provided its customers with a safe, reliable and affordable electrical service,” said Kristina Lund, President and CEO of IPL. “By investing in solar energy, we can diversify our power generation portfolio … Read more

Southern Energy secures two solar PPAs and needs so as to add storage parts

Southern Power secures two solar PPAs and wants to add storage components

Southern Power, a US energy wholesaler and subsidiary of Southern Co., has received two 20-year power purchase agreements from Southern California Edison (SCE) and is adding battery-based energy storage resources at both Southern Power’s Tranquility Solar Facility and Garland solar facility in California . “These projects will be two of the first joint solar and … Read more

Loveland Improvements extends the IMGING Solar Website Survey Resolution with shading instruments

Loveland Innovations extends the IMGING Solar Site Survey Solution with shading tools

Loveland Innovations, maker of IMGING, a site surveying solution developed for the solar industry, has announced a new suite of shading analysis tools for the platform. IMGING keeps surveyors on site and significantly reduces the time required on site. With a single automated drone flight, design teams can get solar access, TOF and TSRF calculations … Read more

Contec completes solar set up at world headquarters

Contec completes solar installation at global headquarters

Contec Inc., a global manufacturer of contamination control products for cleaning in manufacturing environments, worked with Pisgah Energy and Southern Current to design, develop and install a roof and ground solar project at its Spartanburg, SC headquarters. The two systems with a total of 625.5 kW direct current are used by Contec to generate electricity … Read more