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6 top rated solar panel distributors in Winnipeg

Today people are becoming more aware of their environment and are looking for ways to protect the earth. Many people are switching to renewable energy sources. Even so, solar panel systems have become an essential part of our modern life. Solar has proven to be an efficient alternative to fossil fuels. It not only minimizes the carbon footprint, but also contributes to energy independence.

If you're ready for the green switch too, here's a list of Winnipeg solar panel dealers who can help you make that idea a reality:

K&C Solar:

K & C Solar integrates cutting-edge technologies and processes to produce cost-effective and efficient solar systems and devices. His work philosophy revolves around the creation of sustainable energy resources based on a model of the regenerative future. This means that the exhaustible resources are used in such a way that they are also available to future generations. K&C Solar offers custom designs that take into account the power needs of individuals and institutions. Regardless of whether you are looking for solar systems with or without a grid connection, K & C Solar has it all. Now you can achieve energy independence with your solar systems.


Grid tie systems, off grid systems, custom solar packages and DIY solar kits


Address: 710 Buckingham Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3R 1C2

phone: 204 782 1734

website:: kandcsolar.ca/


The 20-year-old solar and geothermal company applies its knowledge and experience to communities, industries and individuals. It believes in developing bespoke systems and solutions that meet your needs and decisions. It consists of a team of electricians, designers, machine operators and engineers who are not only professional but equally qualified. In addition, Mienergy offers monitoring and maintenance support for a better result. By referring the company to your friends and acquaintances, you can cover the cost of solar systems. It is certified as an electrical installer and is committed to working honestly in this role.


Solutions and systems for renewable energies


Address: Manitoba, WinnipegMani

Phone: 1-877-539-4448

Website: http://mienergy.ca/

Powertech Solar:

Powertech Solar has a long history of supplying and distributing solar modules and devices. It prides itself on its team of knowledgeable and efficient professionals who believe in providing first class service to every customer. Powertech Solar aims to prove quality work at affordable prices. In addition, analyzes are carried out to determine the ROI of investments made by customers in solar systems. The Winnipeg-based company primarily focuses on on-grid solar systems, on-grid batteries, and off-grid solar systems and has single-handedly handled a variety of commercial and residential projects. When it comes to farming projects, the organization offers customizable solar solutions tailored to your electricity needs.


Grid-connected solar systems, commercial / residential projects, grid-connected with battery, micro-grid community scale.

Address: 1433-B Erin Street, Winnipeg, MB R3E 2S9

Phone: (855) 776-9371

website: https://powertecsolar.ca/

Solar Solutions:

Solar Solutions has been manufacturing and selling systems for renewable energy and energy saving devices for 25 years. It offers its numerous customers two advantages: minimizing costs and maximizing performance. In the past, Solar Solutions has designed and installed solar modules not only for industrial projects but also for residential projects. Also, the company has successfully achieved desirable results under various climatic conditions such as tropical, arid, semi-arid, and more. They try to add long-term value to what they do.


Renewable energy sources and energy saving devices such as solar-powered and wind-powered LED street lights and street lighting standards, and waste and water treatment systems.


address: 6-130 Midland Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3R3

phone: 1-800-285-7652

website: http://www.solarsolutions.ca/

Sycamore Energy Inc.

Sycamore Energer Inc was founded in 2012 and focuses on making renewable energy sources accessible to people at large. It has multiple awards against its name in business development and renewable energy. Their services have proven that they add value to their customers. With the design of solar systems, the company aims to achieve sustainability goals and financial stability for the entire country. With extensive exposure to solar energy and everything related to it, the company aims to become the country of choice for innovative and advanced renewable energy solutions.


Solar systems


address: Winnipeg, Manitoba

phone: +1 (204) 691-7775

website:: https://sycamoreenergy.com/

Before contacting a solar energy distributor, you should consult them by phone or mail. Be sure to consult an expert to help plan the design and installation of your solar panel systems based on your performance needs and spaces.


RaySolar uses effective and high quality products that come with warranty contracts. Be it a small cottage project or a large industrial project, RaySolar is all an option when it comes to non-conventional energy sources. The passionate and dedicated team of experts is determined to bring positive change to the world through their efforts. Experience impeccable services combined with competent advice with RaySolar. The company also gives customers adequate information about the systems so that they can make the right choice.


Comprehensive off-grid packages and grid-bound packages


Address: 1870 Highway 17 East, Kenora, ON P9N 3W8, Canada

phone:: +1 807-548-7297

Website: https://www.raysolar.ca/

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