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Solar Power Updates: Navigating the New Horizons of Renewable Energy

Stay ahead with the latest solar energy updates. Discover new technologies, policy changes, and tips for harnessing solar power efficiently.

The realm of solar energy is ever-evolving, with continuous innovations and policy shifts paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient energy future. As we delve into the latest solar energy updates, it’s crucial to stay informed about the advancements and how they can impact both the global energy landscape and our individual efforts … Read more

Solar Times: Embracing the Period of Renewable Vitality

Dive into the Solar Times to explore how renewable energy is changing the world. Get insights, tips, and news on the latest in solar power.

In the midst of a global shift towards sustainability, the “Solar Times” have emerged as a pivotal era in our journey toward a cleaner, greener planet. This transformative period is characterized by rapid advancements in solar technology, significant policy shifts, and a growing awareness among individuals and businesses of the importance of renewable energy sources. … Read more

Meyer Burger plans 400 MW US solar module manufacturing facility

Meyer Burger plans 400 MW US solar module manufacturing facility

Meyer Burger Technology AG is building a production site for high-performance solar modules in the USA This investment is in line with Meyer Burger’s commitment to produce modules close to the end customer, purchase material from regional suppliers and overall sustainability by reducing transport emissions and optimizing CO2 -Balance of the company’s solar modules. This … Read more



Just as the human body has a brain, one can also compare a solar inverter as the central processing unit of a solar system. The main job of a solar inverter is to convert the energy obtained by your modules (DC) into energy that can be used by your house (AC). Even without the sun, … Read more

Getka, Unimot, First Solar cooperate on solar tasks in Poland

Getka, Unimot, First Solar cooperate on solar projects in Poland

The US Getka Group and the Polish energy company Unimot have announced that First Solar Inc. will supply 30 MW of advanced American thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar modules to power a portfolio of projects in Poland. The modules are part of the first phase of a strategic renewable energy initiative to diversify PV module deliveries … Read more



Can your house take in solar energy? What factors should you consider when looking to turn on the sun? Do you have enough roof space? In order to take full advantage of a solar system, you need sufficient roof space to install solar panels. Small or limited space limits the number of solar panels that … Read more



Electricity bill shock again? Don’t get mad, get #Solaric. We’ll give him the #ZeroBill treatment forever. It has been more than a year since the Philippines started their fight against COVID-19 and we can say that the fight is far from over. With the temporary introduction of increased community quarantine, it is expected that we … Read more

The solar powered way forward for cryptocurrency mining

Bitcoin mining farm. IT hardware. Electronic devices with fans. Cryptocurrency miners.

Even if you can’t tell the difference between Bitcoin and a bread basket, you almost certainly heard about cryptocurrency and possibly the controversy surrounding its high energy demands. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, learning how to run a mining operation efficiently can be a smart way to join the growing opportunity. What … Read more

Silfab Solar secures strategic progress funding

Silfab Solar secures strategic growth investment

Paolo Maccario Silfab Solar Inc., a North American photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing company, has one of ARC Financial Corp. (ARC) announced investment to significantly expand Silfab’s US solar production and supply chain. Silfab is the first investment in the energy transition of the Energy Fund 9 from ARC. It includes co-investments of the Ontario Power … Read more