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RANCHI: Jharkhand has learned from the coronavirus pandemic and decided to equip all state hospitals, including community health centers (CHCs) and primary health centers (PHCs), with solar panels on the roof over the next few months.

According to officials from the Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA), it has been observed during the pandemic that keeping the freezer and other medical equipment running is important in order to make medicines last longer. It was decided to install 2-4 KW small solar power plants in all CHPs and cars in Jharkhand.

In addition to the health centers, police stations, girls' dormitories and tribal homes are also being equipped with solar power plants to ensure a regular power supply and to reduce electricity consumption by at least 40-45 percent. As part of the renewable energy development program, up to 1,400 buildings were identified.

According to JREDA project manager Vijay Kumar Sinha, the installation of solar panels on the roof of these 1,400 buildings will generate around 20 MW of electricity. “Our first priority now is health centers such as CHCs, PHCs, Sadar hospitals, second we will focus on police stations, then come girls' dormitories and tribal homes,” said the project leader.

In addition to being installed, they are committed to maintaining it, he added. “We are also developing an IOT system through which a chip is built into every solar system that allows us to sit in Ranchi, whether it is working well or no longer working or has developed a hook that can be attached.” next couple of hours, ”Sinha said.

Maintenance responsibility will be entrusted to the bidder along with the tender for at least 5 years, he added. Sinha said the solar panel's lifespan is more than 25 years while the batteries last at least 5 years. “Of the 1,400 government buildings identified for this purpose, 783 buildings have already been installed with solar power plants. The rest will be covered in the next few months, ”he added.

This reduces the power consumption from the traditional energy source to over 40 percent. “Despite financial constraints, Rs 180 billion has been allocated for the installation of solar power plants in the state over the past two years in order to minimize the consumption of traditional energy sources. That means that the government is serious, ”said JREDA director KK Verma.


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