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Ameren Missouri, a subsidiary of Ameren Corp., has submitted an updated Smart Energy Plan and Budget to the Missouri Public Service Commission.

Currently in its third year of implementation, the advancement of the Smart Energy Plan includes intelligent technologies that can quickly identify outages and restore service in seconds, as well as new storm-proof power poles, power lines and underground cables designed to protect customers from outages in severe weather. The $ 8.4 billion plan supports grid modernization efforts over the next five years, including the installation of more than 1 million smart meters, more renewable energy generation, programs to stimulate economic growth for communities across Missouri, and infrastructure upgrades that increase reliability while enabling clean energy generation.

“The Smart Energy Plan prepares our region for the future and makes energy more reliable for families and businesses today,” said Marty Lyons, president of Ameren Missouri. “We have made great strides in the first two years of this plan. These upgrades incorporate cutting edge technology and support our commitment to maintaining reliability as we transition to clean energy – including our ambitious goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050. “

Ameren Missouri recently completed the purchase of its first two wind turbines and is now the largest wind generation operator in the state. The company plans to expand its wind and solar power significantly in the coming years.

In addition, Ameren Missouri is installing smart meters for all customers. The new meters offer customers more convenience, choice and control in choosing tariffs that suit their lifestyle and potentially save energy costs. Smart meter rollouts began in St. Charles County in the summer of 2020. The company will upgrade around 1.2 million electricity meters by 2024.

Ameren Missouri has completed thousands of projects nationwide to transform the network and bring more value to customers. This included the installation of:

-200+ Smart Equipment Switches reduce downtime from hours to minutes. This technology has improved reliability by up to 40%
-14 new or improved substations to better serve the communities
-133,000 smart meters to provide customers with more accurate information on energy usage and flexibility to pay less when they use less

Last year's infrastructure investments will result in an estimated tax revenue of $ 10 million for local communities this year.

To learn more about the Ameren Missouri Smart Energy Plan, click here.


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