Apple is pulling out after widespread Mac app ‘Amphetamines’ was eliminated for branding – MacRumors

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The popular Mac app, Amphetamine, will remain on the Mac App Store after reports were threatened with removal of its name and brand, which Apple said was in violation of the App Store's guidelines.

Amphetamines is a free Mac app that allows users to keep their machine up for a set amount of time. The app, which was launched in 2014, has been downloaded over 432,000 times and is highly rated in the “Mac App Store”. The app was also introduced by MacRumors in the past. After six years in the “Mac App Store”, Apple suddenly decided that amphetamine was against the “App Store” guidelines.

Amphetamine developer William Gustafson published a detailed report a few days ago on GitHub, in which he stated that an Apple representative had contacted him and said that amphetamine would be removed from the “Mac App Store” on January 12, 2021 if a number of changes made would not be made to the app. The representative stated that amphetamine violated the following requirement:

Apps that promote the consumption of tobacco and vape products, illegal drugs or excessive alcohol are not permitted in the “App Store”. Apps that encourage minors to use these substances will be rejected. Facilitating the sale of marijuana, tobacco, or controlled substances (except in licensed pharmacies) is not permitted.

The Apple representative reportedly said, “Your app appears to encourage inappropriate use of controlled substances. In particular, your app's name and icon contain references to controlled substances and pills.”

Gustafson argued that amphetamine does not encourage illicit drug use because amphetamine is a legal, prescription drug in the United States. He also noted that “objectively”, amphetamine does not encourage people to use amphetamine “irresponsibly, illegally or in their leisure time.”

Just as amphetamine (the organic compound) can be legally used to keep people awake and alert, amphetamine (the app) can be legally used to keep your Mac awake.

Gustafson appealed and set up a petition that garnered over 500 signatures to fight claims against the app. And recently he announced on Twitter that he had finished a phone call with the App Review Board and that Amphetamine would remain in the Mac App Store.

I just made a call to @Apple. Appeal accepted and Amphetamine will remain in the @AppStore. Thank you for your comments, opinions and actions. We may not all agree, but I'm glad we all still have the freedom to express ourselves today. ❤️ – William C. Gustafson (@ x74353) January 2, 2021

Amphetamine was advertised directly by Apple in a Mac App Store story and has collected over 1,400 reviews in the “Mac App Store”. So it seems strange that the app was only now being asked to change its branding. Additionally, Gustafson said he had countless interactions with Apple and its App Review team regarding amphetamine, but the issue has never been addressed before so it is unclear what caused the problem.


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