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PLOVDIV, BULGARIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2021 / ARNO, a real nanotechnology project, has started the production of carbon nanotubes after official approvals. The ARNO project is based on the high-tech developments in the creation of the production of secondary energy carriers for industry and households on the basis of lead-acid battery cells using carbon nanomaterials. The project token offers free access to decentralized financing.

The technologies for the production of carbon nanomaterials, especially carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite and graphene structures, which have been developed and industrially implemented by the team in recent years, enable the production of additives of different types for different areas of application. This enables the team of scientists, engineers and technologists to use its proprietary additives to store energy, improve efficiency, increase the capacity and lifespan of lead-acid batteries made in each plant (excluding the existing one Change production technology) and more.

Manufacturers of electronic products, hybrid vehicles and drive systems also benefit from the technical practice that enables them to create more flexible and high-performance offers for their end consumers. ARNO project has succeeded in implementing various development phases on time and in accordance with and synchronously with the project roadmap.

The essence of the project is given below

Creation of plants for the production of nanomaterials.

Creation of devices to convert them into a commercial product (dispersion in a liquid medium).

Implementation of the technology already developed in the project for the use of nanomaterials in “commercial form” in the existing production chains of a THIRD-PARTY manufacturer.

Obtain a product created with the technology from a third-party manufacturer (lead-acid batteries with extended service life and significantly higher performance characteristics).

Creation based on the resulting product – integrated domestic and semi-industrial secondary energy sources (already balanced batteries from accumulators, coupled with inverters for working with electricity networks, solar and wind turbines, etc.).

The story goes on

ARNO offers a solution portfolio based on nano-carbon additives that enable battery developers to get the highest possible efficiency out of any active material, promoting high power output and energy density in lead-acid Li-ion batteries and extending cycle times Lifespan and charge consumption for all other battery types. The conductive carbon additives are also used in supercapacitors, fuel cells, Li-air and other energy storage devices.

The ARTMONBAT partnership makes space for the production of carbon nanotubes

As a result of long and not entirely simple, but at the same time quite successful negotiations, the ARNO project and one of the largest holdings in Europe for the production and sale of lead-acid batteries (and not only) have resulted in a joint venture – ARTMonbat, in which the project management company Advanced Carbon Technology (Bulgaria) holds 35% of the shares. The project bundles the interests of the manufacturer who needs individual batteries for welding and retail sales, as well as the production of carbon nanomaterials and the series production of a new generation of products based on them, as well as their further distribution.

The MONAT group of companies received access to the latest technologies for the ARNO token project – factory laboratories, factory production lines and sales channels for finished products.

This company will manufacture nanomaterials that MONAT will use in the manufacture of a new generation of its batteries, from which ARNO will manufacture energy storage and utilization systems for private and semi-industrial applications. A contract for the development of a complete production complex including a complete package of technical documentation has already been concluded and paid for with a competent company in Belarus – Advanced Research and Technology – within the next three months.

In addition, according to the roadmap, the project has selected a location for the construction of the production and all the necessary infrastructure, received all permits and is now carrying out preparatory work on site in Bulgaria.

The ARNO token and DeFi ecosystem

Based on a real product with a focus on solving the secondary energy crisis through the use of nanotechnology, ARNO is already a project worth investing in, but the team behind it goes one step higher with defi integration.

The project token is the main accounting tool for the economic part of the project. The entire economic system of the project includes the active use of the ARNO token. The project won't even use the most popular cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. ARNO is used exclusively within the project and everything related to it. Once the ARNO token is added to the exchanges, the project team will put a certain amount of tokens up for auction, and when the tokens are bought by the participants, the team will stop cryptocurrency entry on the current platform for a year. The auction is carried out by the dealers who have no relationship with the developers.

The project has received an average rating of 4.5 (out of 5) in most previous reviews. The first phase of Pre-ICO is already sold out. ARNO token is based on ETH – ERC-20; The total token emission is 50,000,000; The token will not be reissued; According to the percentage distribution, sale and ICO / IEO, 8% will be allocated, which is 4,000,000 tokens; In the case of IEO, the number of tokens will not exceed 8% of the amount allocated for sale.

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