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BLUETTI has established itself as a serious brand in the green energy industry, with a view to reliability and innovative power supply solutions.

BLUETTI currently has a number of medium to small sized portable power plants that are available to the public. Recently, the company has turned to the development of large capacity solar batteries for high performance applications.

2020 was a remarkable milestone for BLUETTI – they succeeded in creating an energy storage solution that effectively replaces conventional gasoline generators. The AC200 was an absolute beast with a built-in MPPT controller that delivered an impressive 700W of solar radiation, 1700W battery capacity, an inverter rated at 2000W, and a full range of output options including a 25V 12V V socket, can accommodate the first of its kind.

The AC200 generated a lot of interest in Indiegogo and grossed $ 6.8 million from crowdfunding. When it was released, the AC200 changed the portable power landscape forever.

Its spiritual successor, the AC200P, soon followed and offered several improvements such as: B. improved LiFePO4 chemistry and battery life, and was similarly successful. It became a successful product for people who longed to free themselves from the electricity grid, for campers, motorhome travelers and weekend warriors. The all-in-one energy solution provided energy for long and short-term power outages and emergencies for those who needed it.

Fast forward to today and BLUETTI did the impossible again. The company launched the EP500, another industry-leading innovation and a superbly engineered powerhouse.

For starters, the EP500 houses a LiFePO4 battery that offers a superior 5100 watt hours and lasts more than 6,000 charge cycles. Inside there is a 2000 W inverter for the power and an overvoltage capacity of 4800 W. The construction plan is the same as that of the AC200P, which means that it has been proven to be reliable and has been developed with expert technology.

Despite its massive specs, the EP500 is slim and has a minimalist profile. There are four transport wheels underneath, which make the device extremely portable. It perfectly captures the essence of “no installation required” in the truest sense of the word.

Operating the EP500 is simple: just press the power switch, activate the DC or AC switches and finally switch on the connected device. The EP500 is the best solution for those who don't want to wait months or years for their large capacity solar battery system to be installed.

2,000 watts of continuous power may not be enough to power all devices, but they can serve as reliable backup and emergency power storage for households of all sizes. BLUETTI can customize the EP500 to generate twice as much alternating current. To recognize the need for higher power loads, the company also released a “Fusion Panel” connector board that allows two EP500 units to be daisy-chained for massive 4000 watts of power.

In addition, the BLUETTI terminal block gives owners the option to choose a 220V or 240V output for devices that require 220 volts. This means that homeowners can operate almost any device, from electric heaters to tumble dryers to air conditioners. Even in the absence of electricity, EP500 owners can live relatively comfortably in cold winters or on hot days.

BLUETTI has released a companion app for its EP500 that owners can use to remotely control the energy storage device. Via the B-Lynk connection, you can even display the status of the solar battery and change the settings on the fly, even when you are not at home.

The EP500 contains the battery with the highest capacity in the BLUETTI products. Premium solar charging capability is carried out by the industry leading MPPT input for an impressive input power of up to 1200 watts. In direct sunlight without any obstacles, the solar battery can be used up in just 5 hours.

If sunlight is not available, the EP500 can be charged for later use using the 600W input from a standard AC outlet. The employees at BLUETTI have included a power cord with every purchase of the EP500 so that the owners do not have to buy a separate power supply module to charge the device.

The EP500 can also be charged quickly with 1800 watts of simultaneous power. Both input ports can be used simultaneously for this purpose. In this regard, the charging time to full charging time is significantly reduced from 5 hours to just 3 hours.

Prospects may be concerned about two things – BLUETTI customer service and the life of the EP500.

BLUETTI has answers to both questions. Official information shows that the large-capacity EP500 solar power storage system has LiFePO4 battery cells that are designed for a long service life. In addition, the technology is company exclusive and adapted for use with the EP500. The management system of the device with the battery can last more than six thousand charging cycles.

If you consider how the average household consumes around 3 kilowatts of electricity per day, the EP500 from BLUETTI can theoretically achieve a service life of 40 years without being dependent on the power grid.

In addition, the company offers lifetime technical support and a 5-year warranty for every purchase of the BLUETTI EP500 solar battery. Based on customers who have purchased BLUETTI products, the support is just as excellent as the customer service.

The BLUETTI EP500 is ready to become a game changer when it is finally made available to the public. The 5100 watt hour solar battery coupled with a range of input and output options will surely appeal to those looking for a huge solar-based energy storage solution for their homes. Absolute portability and a quickly rechargeable socket ensure that owners have power when they need it most.

Pre-orders for the BLUETTI EP500 will start on Kickstarter at 6am, PDT March 16, 2021. For early risers and users, the price to get the device is only $ 2,799. Don't miss out on such an opportunity – the EP500 gives you an insight into the future of solar power plants.

To subscribe to the BLUETTI EP500 or to learn more about it, click on the link below:


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