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In addition to properly orienting solar energy to avoid shading and energy loss, there are still numerous ways to fully maximize your investment in the solar system. Plan and dimension your loads Doing the energy-intensive tasks during the solar peak between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. will allow you to adjust your heavy daily loads … Read more

Micro Inverter Solar – Is It The Finest Possibility In 2021?

Micro Inverter Solar - Is It The Best Option In 2021?

The market for renewable energies continues to grow and the systems for solar microinverters will expand rapidly. By 2023, the microinverter market is expected to grow to $ 5.88 billion and be the leading choice for solar systems. In this article we are going to describe what microinverters are and what advantages they have. Then … Read more

How one can correctly keep your solar panels

How To Properly Maintain Your Solar Panels

Once installed, solar panels are fairly easy to maintain. Despite the low maintenance requirements, there are a few things you should know about the maintenance of solar panels. This article will teach you how to properly maintain your solar panels. Should you clean your panels? As the owner of a number of solar panels, you … Read more

The primary benefits of SolarEdge solar techniques

The main advantages of SolarEdge solar systems

The main advantages of SolarEdge systems 1. Increased performance SolarEdge systems can emit significantly more solar energy in all weather conditions. In a SolarEdge system, a small DC optimizer is integrated into each solar panel, with which each individual panel can output power independently of the other panels, which significantly increases the system performance. Conventional … Read more

How to decide on a battery in your solar energy system

How To Choose a Battery for Your Solar Power System

Using a solar battery is one of the best ways to store the energy produced by your solar system. If your system is producing more energy than you need to power your home, you can store that energy in a solar battery to use later when you need it later. Once you have decided to … Read more

Navisun acquires the Maine Agrivoltaic Solar Challenge from BlueWave

Navisun acquires the Maine Agrivoltaic Solar Project from BlueWave

BlueWave Solar, a Boston-based solar developer and community solar services company, has sold a 4.2 MW agrivoltaic solar project on a wild blueberry farm in Rockport, Maine, to Navisun, a solar power producer that owns and operates distributed and small utility-scale solar projects. BlueWave has successfully developed over 130MW of solar power in Massachusetts since … Read more

Australians with solar panels on the roof may quickly be charged for exporting electrical energy to the grid as a result of proposed modifications

solar panel installation on roofs

This article originally appeared in ABC News. Households with solar panels may have to pay a fee to export excess electricity to the grid. (ABC News: Dean Faulkner) Australians with solar panels on the roof could soon be charged for exporting electricity to the grid after the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) recommended new rules. … Read more