Commonplace Solar, Pivot Power Accomplice in solar initiatives for the Colorado group

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Pivot Energy, a community solar developer, and Standard Solar Inc., a company that develops, finances, owns, and operates commercial and community solar systems, announce the development of three new community solar projects in Colorado.

Two projects are in Garfield County and the third is in Jefferson County. The projects represent a generation capacity of 4 MW. Of the 4 MW, 1 MW of the portfolio is intended exclusively for low-income subscribers, while the remaining 3 MW were subscribed by local communities and organizations.

Pivot Energy designed and built the solar gardens and will provide customer management services. Standard Solar will finance, own and maintain the systems.

“Our continued partnership with Standard Solar has been a success as we work to meet Coloradans' growing demand for clean energy,” said Jon Fitzpatrick, vice president of project development for Pivot Energy. “This is an exciting portfolio for us that will support local jobs and create economic benefits for Counties Garfield and Jefferson while driving the state's progress on clean energy.”

Community Solar is growing rapidly across Colorado to help local communities meet clean energy goals and offers the opportunity to see significant cost savings for anyone with an electric bill. Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER), a clean energy advocacy group in Colorado's western slope region, supports the increased development of solar energy in the community through the Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative and other initiatives.

Both Garfield County's solar gardens will go online in June, while the Jefferson County project will go live this summer. Pivot plans to develop more gardens on the western slope this year.

Click here to learn more about community solar gardens and how to subscribe to one.


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