CS Vitality is increasing with extra solar energy and vitality storage within the southeast

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CS Energy's first Solar Plus storage project is entirely on top of a landfill in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

With the three new decentralized energy projects currently being built in Florida, CS Energy is continuing its growth in the southeast, bringing its total installation base in the region to 29 MW solar power and 40 MWh energy storage.

Two of these decentralized energy projects are located in Hamilton and Alachua counties and are stand-alone battery storage systems with a capacity of 5.5 MWh and 11.5 MWh. The energy storage systems are part of a technology pilot program and are used to meet the growing peak demand and to reduce bottlenecks in the distribution network. The third project, a 1 MW solar carport in connection with 23 MWh energy storage, ensures stability and continuity of the power supply, even if the school is used as communal accommodation in the event of natural disasters.

All three projects will use Doosan's GridTech digital energy management solution (EMS).

“We are excited to expand our portfolio of solar and energy storage projects in the Southeast,” said Eric Millard, CS Energy's chief commercial officer. “Utilities, project owners and developers can rely on our track record, reliability and expertise to complete their projects efficiently and cost-effectively.”

“With over 1 GW of distributed energy projects on a national level and extensive experience in energy storage, CS Energy is a leader in solar and storage applications,” said Troy Nergaard, CEO of Doosan GridTech. “You have proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner who has always done everything possible to guarantee its customers the highest return on investment.”


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