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Capturing great shots and shots in ideal settings can vary depending on the environment. A perfect example of this is shooting at the golden hour. For naturally bright and beautiful shots and footage, waiting for the perfect moment of the day to take your shots allows you to capture moments without touching up and editing. Aside from the challenges of getting stunning pictures, getting to the location of your outdoor shoots can also come with its own difficulties. In order for you to experience pleasant and convenient remote shootings, the following are gadgets and devices that you can use.

Portable translator

If you're planning on filming in international locations, ignorance of the local language increases your chances of getting lost or being tricked into buying unnecessary things in no time. In order to find your way around unfamiliar terrain successfully, you need to know at least simple local idioms and words. You can use a fixer service to keep the prep going smoothly, and you can also get a portable translator to make the job more efficient. With a portable translator, you can chat with locals and get helpful information seamlessly.


One of the challenges when shooting outdoors is the lack of power sources, especially if you are in remote areas. If your team has to go offline for some scenes, you need a lifeline that gives you a direct connection to the other employees in an emergency. Power banks and solar chargers not only keep your phone running but also your other devices such as flashlights, cameras, and various electric powered devices.

Self-supplied lamps

Self-sustaining lamps can be charged by solar energy or by winding them up with their built-in rotators. In order for a scene to be recognized by the camera, it should be well lit. Low-light scenes have their own innate charms, such as mysterious and raw. However, the motifs should still be lit up a little so that people can see them fully. To get the lighting you need, you can illuminate your recording area longer if you take sustainably operated lamps with you.

Cleaning bottles

It's easy to run out of drinking water, especially if you've been exploring and working all day. To keep you and your team hydrated, you can quench your thirst by drinking from natural sources of water. However, be aware that certain locations are risky as the water can contain contaminants that can be extremely harmful. Carrying gallons of drinking water is the most viable option, but this, along with your other shooting equipment, will add immense weight. With practical cleaning bottles with efficient filter systems, you and your employees can supply yourself and your employees with liquid during the grinding process.

Mobile hotspot

Instead of buying the local SIM card sold in the country you are exploring, having a mobile hotspot that works in most parts of the world will save you time and money. These things were designed with portability and reliability in mind. With most devices offering up to six hours of battery life and space for up to 10 devices, you no longer have to stop by hotels or restaurants for Wi-Fi and can easily connect to the other members of your crew when filming multiple locations.

Digital luggage scale

A digital luggage scale should help you to save time queuing at the luggage scale at airports and avoid the annoyance of leaving items behind or buying additional baggage allowance. This device is especially useful for travelers who travel in backpacks. It informs you about the weight of your luggage and informs you whether you still have space or have reached the limit.

Universal adapter

Since electrical equipment is required to record scenes and take pictures, you will need electrical outlets to plug them in. When shooting overseas, you know that some locations have different power outlets and DC outlets, which can cause damage and even serious accidents if used with the wrong device. To avoid such cases, you can protect your devices while charging by taking a universal adapter with you, especially if you are staying in hotel rooms.

Smartphone gimbal

For scenes in moving or unstable areas, such as For exhilarating journeys, for example, you can use a smartphone gimbal and record high-quality footage even without a professional camera. With a smartphone gimbal, you can record video with less shake and capture great footage to use in your content and other scenes. These shooting accessories are lightweight and ergonomic in design, so you can keep taking photos without being burdened by heavy and bulky equipment.

In order to capture high quality footage, innovative technology is required, especially if you are shooting in areas you are unfamiliar with and in places with limited resources. By equipping yourself and your team with reliable gadgets and devices, you can capture breathtaking shots and recordings.


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