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The USA has the world's largest construction market. Projected residential real estate growth is driving job prospects for workers in the construction industry to rise 5% faster than other 2029 projected employment averages, with workers in the market benefiting from jobs well paid for hard physical labor. Construction workers must work at sometimes daring heights in extreme weather to build residential and commercial properties to strict state and federal guidelines.

However, the hard physical labor and high risk of injury pay off, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which puts the industry's average 2017 annual average of $ 45,820, beating all other industry averages of $ 37,690. Using data from the BLS, Stacker has compiled a list of the highest and lowest paid jobs in the construction industry. Jobs listed as “construction and extraction jobs” were included, while any job title with “all others” was excluded. According to information from 2020, jobs will be classified according to the average annual wage from May 2019.

The advanced industry, made up of “jack-of-all-trades”, has dozens of specialized occupations, from wallpaperers to elevator installers. Much of the entry-level jobs in construction do not require formal training. Instead, they offer apprenticeships and on-the-job training to train future employees. Good health and physical strength are an absolute mandate for all construction work, which makes the industry popular with young and middle-aged men.

Almost all construction work requires strong communication and problem-solving know-how as well as pronounced mathematical and technical skills. Much of the highest paying construction work requires travel and schedule flexibility due to the project location and deadlines. However, the growing industry and high paying jobs make the distance and time required for some projects well worth the price.

Along with each slide, it gives the average annual wage and total employment in that area, plus some details about what it takes to become one and what the prospects for the future are.

Read on to find out more about the highest paying construction jobs in the United States

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