Far-reaching companies add the Montana solar challenge to the portfolio

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Broad Reach Power, a Houston-based independent power producer (IPP), has acquired a 250 MW wind project and a 250 MW solar project – both in Montana.

“I look forward to further developing these projects as we continue to invest in Montana,” said Daniel Zolnikov, Energy Developer at Broad Reach. “Once these projects are complete, the region's grids will be provided with much-needed reliability while providing valuable local construction and substantial taxpayers' money to counties like Yellowstone, Stillwater and Golden Valley.”

The Billings-based solar and wind projects have been purchased by Invenergy, a private developer of sustainable energy projects, and are expected to be online in 2022 and 2023, respectively. They complement an existing portfolio of solar and battery storage also located in Billings, owned by Broad Reach, and are part of the company's broader portfolio in the Pacific Northwest, where there is a pipeline of more than 1,400 MW of renewable energy projects and has over 900 MW of storage projects.

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