Full Solar completes the gathering of the most recent findings

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Complete Solar, a residential solar company, has acquired Current Insight LLC, an engineering firm that provides CAD design, structural design stamps, and electrical engineering stamps to solar companies.

Current Insight will continue to provide CAD and engineering services as part of Complete Solar. The acquisition adds three new products to Complete Solar's range, creates new sales opportunities and establishes its position as a sales, fulfillment and service platform for the solar industry.

“By working with Complete Solar, we will significantly improve our already high standard of service for our customers and quickly offer them better automation and integration,” says Chris Bagley, founder of Current Insight. “We are passionate about delivering the best customer experience and eliminating pain in the design process. The Complete Solar Platform gives us greater opportunities to achieve these goals. “

With over 10 years of experience in the solar field, Bagley has tested numerous solar sales, training, operations and engineering programs. His breadth and depth of experience not only led him to identify weaknesses in the industry, but also to build a company focused on eliminating those frustrations.


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