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Solar + battery storage + generator opens up true energy independence

Generac Power Systems (NYSE: GNRC), a leading global designer and manufacturer of power technology solutions and other energy products, today announced the launch of the PWRgenerator, a new type of DC generator designed to rapidly charge Generac's PWRcell battery. The new combination offers system owners the cost-saving advantages of solar power as well as the independence and efficiency of home standby generators. The net result is real energy independence for homeowners who are threatened by power outages or tariff increases by the energy supplier.

As the first addition of its kind to the PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage family, the PWRgenerator is connected directly to the PWRcell inverter and essentially creates a nano-network for residential buildings that enables a home to be completely energy-independent. PWRgenerator, in combination with a solar and battery storage system of the right size, offers a complete level of energy independence so that homeowners can control and manage their electricity themselves. During the day, the solar panels supply the house with electricity and the excess can recharge the battery. During the night the battery discharges and when it reaches a charge level of 30%, the PWR generator switches on and fully charges the battery in about 1 hour. In addition, the PWR generator is extremely quiet and fuel-efficient and runs on either natural gas or LP. This system also provides the ultimate in clean protection in the event of a power failure.

“As the leading provider of backup power for the home, Generac is proud to introduce the PWR generator and provide this turnkey solution for homeowners looking to reduce their dependence on the grid,” said Russ Minick, chief marketing officer and president of Energy Technology, Generac. “Also, the PWRgenerator adds some level of power security to the homeowner's PWRcell system so that the power stays on during an outage, even when the sun isn't shining.”

The PWRgenerator is compatible with the PWRview app, which gives homeowners an overview of the status and production of their generator as well as their solar system and battery.

The PWRgenerator is also Smart Grid Ready, which means that it can work as part of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Customers participating in VPP programs can use their Generac systems to quickly and seamlessly return power to the grid and offset their energy bills.

“Many homeowners want to invest in a clean energy system, but they want or need protection for these days or weeks of downtime. They want more than even the largest solar + battery storage system can do on its own, ”said Minick. “The new Generac PWR generator gives homeowners all the benefits that solar energy can offer plus the reliability of a generator in a quiet and extremely efficient package.”

The PWR generator will be available from the beginning of 2022. Further information on the PWRgenerator, PWRcell or other Generac products can be found at

About Generac

Generac Power Systems, Inc. (NYSE: GNRC) is a leading power technology company providing advanced utility grid software solutions, backup and primary power systems for home and industrial applications, solar and battery storage solutions, virtual power plant platforms, and motor and battery-powered tools and devices. Founded in 1959, Generac introduced the first affordable backup generator and later created the auto home standby generator category – a market where nearly eight out of ten generators sold are a Generac. The company is committed to sustainable, clean energy products that will revolutionize the power grid of the 21st century.


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