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Love month is almost over, but we're just heating up as we step into summer! Get a Free AirSAFE Air Purifier Now If You Are Solar Powered! That is energy saving and flight safety: all in one!

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What is AirSAFE?

The AirSAFE is the newly developed air purifier series from Solaric, which should help us with this COVID-19 pandemic. It comes with available replacement filters that you can easily purchase from our showroom office and online stores. The AirSAFE has a built-in Japanese pollution sensor that can detect invisible particles in the air such as COVID-19 and automatically adjust the fan speed to the degree of pollution. It has high-tech instruments and controls as well as powerful motors that can suck the air through the 7 levels of filtration. The AirSAFE is also supplied with a US-treated microbial tissue with a HEPA filter and a UV lamp that can sterilize and kill harmful organisms trapped in the filter box

Go to Solaric now and get a free AirSAFE!

Send us your solar inquiries and details to our Solaric hotline or to Facebook. After the engineer's assessment and site survey, depending on the appropriate system size or if you decide to maximize your solar system, you will receive an appropriate free AirSAFE unit of energy and revenue!

This promotion only runs until March 31, 2021, so what are you waiting for? Call us at 75040092 or 09178603141 or 09083775577, send an email to or visit We'd be happy to explain how the system works and schedule a survey so we can offer you a free AirSAFE air purifier and other options for your new home or existing homes or businesses

Turn on the sun

At Solaric we appeal to the Filipino sensitivity for approach, service and value. Before we make an offer, we will learn how to use energy. We identify the best ways to maximize your return on a hard-earned investment. We present different strategies to ensure that you achieve your solar goals. We want to ensure reduced costs and higher savings so that you can make this one-time investment in business and the environment. We always do our best to provide quick, efficient and thorough customer service. Not only do we sell solar panels, we also enable a solar powered lifestyle. With this, we aim to provide endless satisfaction by delivering satisfaction with the Solaric Service that ranges from permanent reduction in electricity bills to the ultimate ZERO bill

Solaric is a leader in solar roofs

Solaric has established itself in the entire renewable energy sector as a proven and reputable market leader for solar roofs. With decades of experience, Solaric has installed more than 50% of the solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings in the Philippines, achieving significant cost reductions in electricity costs and milestone contributions to a cleaner, greener and renewable future. We want every Filipino to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy. Welcome to the new generation of solar energy and solar radiation.

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AirSAFE is now also available in Lazada and Shopee!

The AirSAFE series consisting of the AS40, AS95, AS-MAX and the new fanless fan with HEPA filters is now available in Lazada and Shopee to make check-out, payment and nationwide delivery easier and more hassle-free!

Check out this AirSAFE video!


AirSAFE units can be picked up in the Solaric showroom. You can easily have the units sent to you by courier (Grab, Lalamove, Mr. Speedy, JRS Express, etc.). Full payment must be received prior to shipping.


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