G&W Electrical Provides Solar Energy at Headquarters – Chicago Each day Herald

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BOLINGBROOK – G&W Electric recently started building a solar powered microgrid at its headquarters. In the event of a power failure, the microgrid is automatically disconnected from the central power grid or “island” so that the company can continue to operate smoothly.

G&W Electric is a global supplier of electrical power systems. It will install nearly 6,000 solar panels on the company's roof.

The microgrid will also contain a large flywheel to provide drive through power and a two megawatt flow battery that can operate at 150% of its rated load. This system will supply the plant with three megawatts of electricity for almost two hours.

“After our operations went down for hours a little over two years ago, G&W Electric recognized the financial benefits of installing a microgrid to provide premium uninterruptible power to support our critical operations and our customers,” said John Mueller, Chairman and Owner by G&W Electric. Ultimately, this bespoke, turnkey microgrid solution from G&W Electric will serve as an example of how G&W Electric can help other companies, communities and government agencies produce their own reliable power source and reduce the costly effects of downtime during a catastrophic outage. “

The construction of the microgrid is expected to be completed in early 2022.


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