Hoymiles introduces new solar monitoring platform

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Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc., a manufacturer of microinverters, has introduced the new S-Miles cloud platform for visualized real-time monitoring of solar power generation systems.

Important field devices can be connected to the S-Miles Cloud Platform. With the IoT-supported data acquisition devices, the platform can track the output effectiveness of arrays, provide status updates for individual modules and inform about malfunctions.

“Our new and improved version of the monitoring platform is in line with Hoymiles' mission to make electrical energy smarter, improve cloud computing capabilities, and increase data response time from edge computing gateways,” said Zhao Yi, deputy general manager and research and development Development center director of Hoymiles. “By providing a wide range of intelligent monitoring, operation and maintenance functions, we can add more value to our customers.”

The S-Miles Cloud Platform is accessible as a mobile app or via a web browser and offers a user-friendly portal for the effective maintenance of solar power plants. The easy-to-use installation process makes integrating the platform into an existing array quick and easy. The newly updated platform has a clean and simple dashboard interface specially designed for end users to provide clearer visual data displays and additional options for in-depth analysis. The upgrade also includes a real-time progress tracking function for hardware updates, which shows a progress bar and provides detailed explanations of errors that have occurred.

The improved end-user display is supported by an optimized technical structure that collects, analyzes and distributes data. The platform now offers synchronized data analysis – and since it is a cloud-based application – the data processing is completed by a parallel computing architecture that enables optimal use of all CPUs within the cluster and supports an open application programming interface for cross-platform communication and data release and remote operation via TCP socket connection. The platform is also compatible with the latest and most advanced hardware offerings from Hoymiles: DTU-Pro, DTU-Lite and new sub-1G version microinverters.

By standardizing the data in a power plant, the operators can make more precise, data-driven decisions regarding the operation on site, which enable an optimized energy output. The platform not only offers accurate and timely status reports, but also new indicators to display the self-generated energy input and output for the solar station, in order to show the overall status of the power generation more clearly.

Photo: Hoymiles recently unveiled its new S-Miles cloud platform


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