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At the SNEC Shanghai, Peng Jianhua, President of the Site Power Facility, Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd., presented the complete series of the comprehensive, off-grid power solution iPowerCube for off-grid power supply.

June 9, 2021

As an inclusive power supply in all scenarios, the solutions deliver inexpensive, green and reliable electricity for the livelihood and industrial production of people in off-grid and unreliable grid areas and help to bridge the energy gap.

Peng Jianhua, president of the Site Power Facility, Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd., said power supplies are unbalanced around the world. Around 800 million people currently live in mountain areas, islands, deserts and other regions that do not have access to the electricity grid. A large number of diesel generators (DGs) are used to generate electricity in these regions. There are more than 50 million directorates-general worldwide. The DG costs are many times higher than those of mains electricity, and DGs are highly polluting. 1 kg of diesel fuel causes 3.18 kg of CO2 emissions. In addition, directorates-general are expensive, difficult to maintain and noisy, which seriously affects the normal life of residents and limits local economic development. With technological advances, the cost of photovoltaics (PV) and energy storage are falling. The replacement of general directorates with solar energy in order to achieve a cost-effective and environmentally friendly power supply is becoming a reality.

Complete line of comprehensive off-grid fuel removal energy solutions iPowerCube provides a green and integrative power supply in all human livelihood and industrial manufacturing scenarios.

Huawei's full line of comprehensive off-grid energy solution iPowerCube integrates power electronic technologies (such as watts, heat and energy storage) and digital technologies (such as cloud, AI and connectivity) to streamline energy and information flows. They make full use of PV and energy storage to replace DGs and meet the comprehensive power supply requirements of large, medium and small power consumption scenarios. Compared to traditional solutions, iPowerCube solutions are characterized by easier reconstruction, faster deployment, and lower costs, making iPowerCube better suited for areas with no or weak utility power.

  • Large-scale solution for off-grid fuel disposal iPowerCube-P:

Provides power capacity at megawatt level and applies to industrial production scenarios such as mines, factories and campuses as well as livelihoods such as large villages, islands and resorts. Compared to the traditional AC coupling solution, the iPowerCube-P uses the DC coupling architecture, which reduces the number of energy conversion times, improves efficiency, reduces investment and lowers the LCOE.

In Cameroon, over 25 MW PV systems and 60 MWh energy storage systems use Huawei's off-grid solution, which supplies 350 remote villages with electricity and benefits around 50,000 households with around 300,000 inhabitants.

  • Medium-sized solution for off-grid fuel disposal iPowerCube-S:

Provides 100 kW power supply capacity and applies to livelihoods such as small villages and islands, and industrial production scenarios such as oil and gas wells, checkpoints, and transportation stations. Compared to the traditional split-type solution, Huawei iPowerCube-S uses pre-integration and does not require reconstruction of the distribution network, which shortens the deployment time and reduces the investment.

In Zhuhai, Huawei's iPowerCube-S solution will be used to replace the original DG and power the professional equipment and residential facilities of the ship's navigation station on the island. This way the DG is not required. The electricity production costs are reduced by 60%, the attic-related costs are reduced by CNY 220,000 every year and 25 tons of CO2 emissions are avoided.

  • Small, off-grid solution for fuel disposal iPowerCube-M:

Provides a power supply capacity of 10 kW and applies to residential scenarios (such as apartments with no / poor mains power supply and rural villas) and industrial and commercial scenarios (such as shops, restaurants and commercial premises). Compared to the traditional solution with a combined gasoline generator and batteries, the Huawei iPowerCube-M solution offers more flexible deployment, an extremely quiet design, higher reliability and lower LCOE.

In Inner Mongolia, the iPowerCube-M uses efficient PV + energy storage systems to reliably provide electricity for the daily life and operation of the shepherds around the clock.

Win-win cooperation: Huawei Site Power works with customers to promote green development.

Going forward, Huawei Site Power will adhere to the strategy of openness and cooperation and intensify cooperation with customers, partners, industry organizations and standards organizations on technologies, products and industry to promote green development, bridge the energy gap and a low-carbon society build up.


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