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AC coupled battery storage added to a solar array can increase the likelihood that inrush current is a problem.

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The Grissom project has a single 5 MW link that must be maintained when solar and battery storage are operating under the supervision of a third party SCADA system. Both the solar inverter and the battery storage system are independently AC-coupled to the connection via two myPV ClearSky ™ units from Solar-Ops.

Each ClearSky provides high-volume measurement and reclosing protection while eliminating much of the above-ground medium-voltage equipment, reducing construction time and long-term operating costs.

“AC tying battery storage systems to new or existing solar systems is becoming more common as developers and owner operators try to maximize the value of their existing interconnection agreements and PPAs,” says Brad Micallef, President of Solar-Ops. “The ClearSky product line is ideal for these applications because of its small size and built-in ability to meet the protection and reporting needs of utilities and ITC.”

Utility companies have concerns about power quality due to increased inrush current. Hence, distribution-linked generators like Grissom can face licensing challenges. When AC coupled battery storage is added to a solar system, the additional transformers increase the likelihood that inrush currents will be a problem.

A distribution network experiences a rapid voltage drop due to the sudden demand for electricity if too many transformers are switched on at the same time. This sudden, rapid change in voltage can damage equipment to electricity customers and requires mitigation for the utility to operate within IEEE standards.

The system in Grissom normally required a special device and was able to reduce its inrush current by sequencing the internal medium-voltage reclosers of the two myPV ClearSky units. By programming one ClearSky to be activated when the power was restored and the other to delay the power supply by a few seconds, the switch-on event was reduced to an acceptable level.

“Adding storage to a solar site can provide backup power to the grid when needed, which ensures reliability,” said Mak Nagle, SVP of Development at Pine Gate Renewables. “We are glad that Grissom Solar is now online and Pine Gate Renewables has more than 2.5 GW of storage projects currently under development in other parts of the country. “

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