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Just as solar panels act as the legs and arms of a solar system, a solar inverter is a valuable part of any large or small solar system. In fact, the most important and complicated process of generating electricity takes place in this box, which is also considered to be the brain of your home's solar system.

The brain of the system

When the solar panel's main job is to collect and harvest sunlight, the inverter works as a brain that converts the energy gained by the panels into energy that can be used in your home.

The energy collected by your solar panels is known as direct current or direct current, while the devices in your home need alternating current or alternating current to function. This is where the role of the inverter comes in as it converts the energy extracted by your panels into energy that your home can use. and this energy can also be exported to the grid. Your solar system will not work as intended without the inverter.

But wait, there's more!

Just as the human brain has many functions, a solar inverter is not limited to just converting energy, it also serves as a means of communication to determine whether your system is working properly or not.

With the improvement in technology over the years, the inverters can now connect to the internet and provide online data monitoring. You can now easily access system information and the performance of your solar system through a mobile application or website, and compare harvest data by hour, day, week, month or year. Some pre-inverters can also detect underperforming / defective solar modules online, eliminating the need for installers to physically check your roof.

The inverters play an important role in ensuring that your solar system is working properly and automatically shut down in the event of a power outage / emergency to avoid electric shock, fire or damage. This is an important prerequisite for applying for the “Net Metering” program. Look for a solar company that can provide you with the right inverter to power your home.

Turn on the sun

At Solaric we appeal to the Filipino sensitivity for approach, service and value. Before we make an offer, we will learn how to use energy. We identify the best ways to maximize your return on a hard-earned investment. We present different strategies to ensure that you achieve your solar goals. We want to ensure reduced costs and higher savings so that you can make this one-time investment in business and the environment. We always do our best to provide quick, efficient and thorough customer service. Not only do we sell solar panels, we also enable a solar powered lifestyle. With this, we aim to provide endless satisfaction by delivering Solaric Service Satisfaction, which ranges from the permanent reduction of electricity bills to the ultimate ZERO bill.

Solaric is a leader in solar roofs

Solaric has established itself in the entire renewable energy sector as a proven and reputable market leader for solar roofs. With decades of experience, Solaric has installed more than 50% of the solar roofs in the Philippines and achieved significant cost reductions in electricity costs as well as milestone contributions to a cleaner, greener and more renewable future. We want every Filipino to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy. Welcome to the new generation of solar energy and solar radiation.

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