Jamaica makes use of solar energy to irrigate fields – WIC Information

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The Jamaican government has offered a solar project to power a water treatment plant and has announced that it will provide PV to all irrigation systems operated by the National Irrigation Commission.

Water treatment can be maximized with less energy loss by using solar PV.

The Jamaican Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has stated that all irrigation systems managed by the National Irrigation Commission (NIC) will be powered only by PV investments for the next two years.

“We knew that our ability to deliver efficiently and at least inexpensively was vital, as much as we try to improve irrigation supplies,” said Minister Floyd Green. “In fact, we are targeting solar power plants.”

JM 29 million ($ 200,000) solar panels were handed over to the NIC and the Water Resources Authority (WRA) last week.

“The project, which is one of the largest expenditures on irrigation support in Jamaica, will have an impact on the livelihoods of more than 700 farmers who hold 718 acres of land by providing spray water and improving access to local and global agricultural markets. “Green said too.

The WRA has meanwhile launched a tender to build a solar project of unspecified size at the Faithful Spring Treatment Plant in Kingston. Interested developers have until January 15th to submit their bids.

In July, the Jamaican government unveiled a plan to tender 500 MW of renewable harvesting capacity over the next year.

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