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With the constant improvement of solar technology, solar prices continue to fall and the modules become more efficient and ergonomic. The solar market continues to evolve and we now have higher wattage solar panels without increasing its size – a perfect solution for customers with limited roof space. Solaric is happy to offer these new solar packages for the second half of 2021!

1.65kWp Grid Tie System = ONLY for Php 114k

The basic Solaric system that can power a 1HP air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, lights, electric fan, and computer now ranges from Php 114k to 136k on GI tin roofs. This is perfect for households with an average monthly utility bill of around Php 6,000 and can consist of 4 to 5 solar panels. Your First Step To A Guilt Free AC Is Now More Affordable!

5.28kWp truss system = ONLY for 284k Php

For those who want to operate a total of 4 HP air conditioners, refrigerators, lights, gadgets, televisions with monthly electricity bills of around 16,000 PHP, the popular 5 kWp grid tie system now only covers a typical GI sheet metal roof from 284 to 356. Of course, these prices can still change depending on the brands of solar modules (JA Solar, LG and others) and inverters (Solis, Thinkpower, SolarEdge) you choose.

Innovations for clean energy and carefree comfort

Solar energy prices continue to fall and are very different from prices 10 years ago as many Filipino families are more interested in making this one-off investment. Given the changes and uncertainty that the pandemic brings, we need to look more for durable and sustainable solutions that will provide us with financial and energy security in the long run. See Solaric now as your next big step towards a cleaner, cheaper, and more sustainable future for generations to come!

Turn on the sun

At Solaric we appeal to the Filipino sensitivity for accessibility, service and value. Before we make an offer, let's learn how to use energy. We identify the best ways to maximize your return on a hard-earned investment. We will introduce you to various strategies to help you achieve your solar goals. We want to ensure reduced expenses and greater savings for you to make this one-time, wise economic and environmental investment. We always do our best to provide quick, efficient and thorough customer service. Not only do we sell solar modules, we also enable solar-powered lifestyles. Our aim is to provide endless satisfaction by delivering Solaric Service Satisfaction, from permanently reducing the electricity bill to the ultimate ZERO bill.

Solaric is the leading provider of rooftop solar systems

Solaric has made a name for itself in the renewable energy industry as a trusted and respected leader in rooftop solar systems. Based on decades of experience, Solaric has installed more than 50% of rooftop solar systems on residential buildings in the Philippines, achieving significant cost reductions in electricity costs and milestones towards a cleaner, greener and renewable future. We want every Filipino to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy. Welcome to the new generation of solar and sun.

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At Solaric, we turn on the sun.


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