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Energy efficiency is number one with solar panel designs for home owners being created by the contractors at Go Solar New Jersey.

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Hainesport, NJ – (ReleaseWire) – 8/23/2021 – It's amazing how fast Go Solar New Jersey has grown over the past few years. The company is pleased to announce that it is adding a new solar module design to its innovative growth model. Working with some of the best civil engineers in the country, customers will be able to see these new designs very soon.

“There are new styles of residential solar panel design that our team has been really excited about,” mused John Jacob, CEO of Go Solar New Jersey. Mr. Jacob goes on to say that he believes these new and emerging designs will forever change the way solar energy is made and used.

Major new solar designs the team has worked with include floating solar parks, BIPV solar technology, solar skins, solar fabrics, and photovoltaic solar noise barriers. The company states that not all of these new designs are directly intended for residential use, but rather offer a collective solar energy experience for all sectors.

Go Solar New Jersey has been preparing for these new solar designs over the past few years. The developers were privy to the future of solar modules and had paved the way to offer their customers advanced technology. It will be very exciting to see how existing and new solar energy customers benefit from these superior designs.

Just last year, the company installed a brand new solar power system with the new designs mentioned above at a local commercial enterprise. It was a test run that turned out to be 100% effective. Go Solar New Jersey expects many more installations in the coming months as the newer devices hit the market.

Brad Thomas, a solar panel installer who works with the company, wants everyone to know that the new solar designs are nothing short of outstanding. He also said that anyone thinking about a brand new solar system should “jump on the bandwagon” now as the improved designs will completely “blow you away”.

There is no doubt that solar energy is the electricity of the future and is already a reality for many. Go Solar New Jersey prides itself on pioneering the industry, providing the latest and greatest in equipment and technology to its local community.

“From here on it can only get better,” says John Jacob. “We see the brilliance of solar energy in every system we install. Solar improves life and ensures the integrity of our great planet. With the new designs and technologies, we are confident that within a year more and more households will be converting to solar energy. “

The company is very passionate about solar energy based on personal experience. Mr. Jacob has installed solar panels in both his private home and company headquarters. However, when asked if he would ever return to traditional fossil fuels, his response was a quick, “No way!”

If you've ever thought that solar panel design is futuristic and impressive, just wait until you see what Go Solar has in store with these new models. The new panels are expected to store the sun's energy even when the days have been more cloudy than usual. There is no flicker of light or spontaneous power outages in the home or business. Instead, the goal is to make solar energy as seamless as possible.

Using the best materials and products is very important to the company and making sure everything is sourced sustainably is at the forefront of Go Solar's business. After all, the company is considered “green” and its aim is to save the planet.

It is true that the cost of the new solar panels will go up; However, with the state and federal rebate programs, new and old customers may not have to pay a single penny for their system. In fact, customers who upgrade are 100% eligible for incentive programs. This is great news and it will certainly sweeten the deal to upgrade an existing solar system.

Many people have asked the company how long it will take to complete their orders for the newly designed systems, and the exact date is not yet known. However, the company's president said it will be very soon and customers should keep an eye on their website for more information.

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Go Solar New Jersey is a leader in solar panel installation. For decades, the solar company based in Hainesport, NJ, has studied how solar energy works and how it affects the environment. The company is very specific about who it works with and values ​​leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) agencies when it comes to the partnership. It is very important that everyone working with the team shares the same morale and vision. Every customer who rents Go Solar New Jersey receives FREE pre-installation consultation and excellent engineering and sourcing. Additionally, the plumbers are privy to all of the state and federal discount programs that many home and business owners are eligible for. To learn more about these money saving programs, the company invites everyone to visit their blog and website. When looking for the best and most innovative solar energy technology, Go Solar is at the top of the list and plans to stay there. Contact the company by visiting their website. Harnessing the power of the sun is just a phone call or email away!

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