Now could be one of the best time of 12 months to put in solar energy

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Spring is in the air.

The beginning of spring is the best time to organize a solar power system – you can sneak in before the big summer rush and get started in time to make the most of Sydney's long days and sunny weather.

In recent years, most solar installers in Sydney have had months of lead time in the summer. When you consider that a 10kW solar system can save up to $ 2,600 from September 1st through the end of summer if you miss a quick install before the big summer rush will effectively add hundreds of dollars to the price of your system can.

The performance of solar power over the year

When the days get longer and the sun is a bit higher in the sky, a solar system in NSW will produce significantly more electricity.

A 10 kW solar system in Sydney will produce an annual average of around 40 kWh per day. In summer, a 10 kW system typically delivers over 60 kWh on a sunny day.

Solaray customers with larger solar and storage systems will now start generating enough electricity to run their home on solar power during the day and feeding excess solar power into their battery for use in the evening. Households with the new Powerwall 2 battery from Tesla have 13.5 kWh of storage, often enough to run their homes with solar power for 24 hours from August to the end of autumn!

The daily output of a 10kW solar system per month:

Don't pay another big summer electricity bill

By installing solar power before summer, you can drastically reduce your utility bills and run your home primarily on solar power. Balance air conditioners, pool pumps, and more by keeping them running during the day when your new solar power system is producing peak power.

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