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The Chinese MWT solar module manufacturer Sunport has provided its S1 product for a commercial PV project with solar plus storage on the roof in Japan. The array is connected to 165 kWh of storage and equipped with flexible solar modules, each weighing 1.3 kg.

May 3, 2021

The Chinese solar module manufacturer Jiangsu Sunport Power Corp Ltd has provided its metal wrap-through modules (MWT) for an off-grid PV project on the roof in Nagano Prefecture. in the central region of Chūbu in Japan.

“The stand-alone system is connected to storage systems with a total output of 159 kWh, which are provided by Sungrow, and is equipped with Sunports S1 flexible module NH1S ”, said a company spokesman pv magazinewith reference to the fact that the PV system is not entitled to a feed-in tariff within the framework of the Japanese incentive system for renewable energies and is subsidized by a regional funding program of the Nagano prefecture.

The PV system is intended for 100% self-consumption and supplies a factory of an unknown manufacturer with electricity. “The production facility had a colored steel-tile roof and we couldn't use a mounting system to guarantee the seal,” the company spokesman continued. “In view of the low load-bearing capacity [nature of the system]the customer has opted for our light and flexible module. “

The manufacturer used its S1 MWT monocrystalline flexible PERC module. This product is available in four versions with power ratings from 75 W to 90 W and power conversion efficiency between 14.3% and 17.1%.

The frameless module has a size of 1,810 x 290 x 1.4 mm and a weight of 1.3 kg. It consists of 30 half-cells with a size of 162.75 mm, a white back wall and a POE encapsulation. The connection is MC4-compatible and the junction box has protection class IP 68.

The panel can be used in PV systems with a maximum voltage of 1,500 V. The manufacturer offers a 25-year performance guarantee for 82.36% of the output yield and a 12-year product guarantee. The temperature coefficient of the module is -0.36% per degree Celsius.

“The S1 panels supplied had a long and narrow shape that can be inserted into corrugated steel tiles with adhesive backing. This not only saved support costs, but also made the installation more stable and reliable, ”the manufacturer said in a statement. “And based on metal wrap-through technology (MWT), there is no busbar and no welding strip on the front of the panels.”

In September 2017, Nanjing Sunport Power Corp Ltd announced the opening of its first 1 GW solar module production facility in China, following a significant investment in the complete back-contact solar module production line from Dutch device manufacturer Eurotron in 2013.

The Chinese manufacturer focuses exclusively on metal wrap-through module technology (MWT) and works with both multi and mono products.

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