Protesters convey mills to the borders of Delhi, present solar batteries after blackout – Occasions Now

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Delhi: It has now been more than two months since farmers protested at all of Delhi's major borders, demanding the repeal of the three farm laws.

Since the power supply was cut at the protest locations on the border with Delhi, several demonstrators have brought generator sets to the locations. According to reports, some generators are owned by the farmers while the others have been rented out.

This came after the farmers protesting on the site said they needed electricity to charge their phones, among other things. The farmers also need electricity to run the machines used at the protest locations to make chapatis during the Langar period.

The Times of India quoted BKU Ekta-Ugrahan's general secretary, Sukhdev Singh Kokarikalan, as saying, “The farmers brought these generators with them for power supply alone. Many also arranged small solar batteries for electrical appliances. The need for more generators was felt afterwards When the central government cut power to the streetlights and cut water and internet services to quell peasant unrest, electricians from numerous villages, including some with an agricultural background, have also arrived in large numbers. The peasants are high spirits and face these little problems bravely. “

In November, several farmers marched towards the state capital to protest the controversial bills. Several discussions have been held between the farmers and the government since then. However, all of them have not been conclusive until today.


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