Queensland authorities contract with Tesla Powerwall Residence solar batteries – grid independence

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Queensland Economic Development Corporation (EDQ) has signed a landmark contract to use Powerwall by Tesla, a provider of high quality residential solar batteries that will be installed along with solar power for 80 homes being developed in Oxley, a suburb of Brisbane. Everyone gets a $ 5,000 discount when they buy the heavily discounted Solar and Tesla Powerwall packages from Natural Solar – Australia's largest battery installer. For more information, see the IDTechEx report on Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage 2021-2031.

“Natural Solar is proud to be an integral part of the Queensland government's solar energy future,” said Chris Williams, CEO of Natural Solar. “This means solid support for clean, green energy and a reliance on Tesla Powerwall home batteries to meet Queensland's energy needs. Homeowners can expect to save up to $ 2,100 annually and see returns in less than 5 years While using clean, green energy Add to that the added benefit of back-up power in the event of a grid failure, which provides additional security about how, when and why households are consuming electricity. These are truly homes of the future, and Natural Solar is excited to partner with Economic Development Queensland to launch this project. ”

With the Tesla Powerwall rechargeable solar battery, Queenslanders can provide their home (and electric vehicle, if any) with renewable energy that they control, reducing their dependence on the grid. “With solar, you usually generate more clean energy than you need. By combining it with Tesla Powerwall, you can store excess energy from your solar panels so that you can use them at any time – even during a power outage. With this beautiful system you can also monitor what energy You need to produce and control your self-powered system around the clock with the Tesla app, “said Chris Williams.

The Oxley development includes energy-free, net smart homes that demonstrate innovation and sustainability while supporting economic recovery and job creation. Songbird, Oxley, leads the nation as a 100% solar and battery district, saving home buyers thousands of dollars in electricity.

Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for State Development, Local Government, Infrastructure and Planning, Steven Miles, said Songbird, Oxley offers smart zero-energy homes that demonstrate innovation and sustainability while supporting economic recovery and job creation.

“Songbird, Oxley, leads the country as a 100% solar and battery district, saving home buyers thousands of dollars in electricity. We're partnering with Energex, Natural Solar and Tesla to build a comprehensive, sustainable next-generation community at Oxley with the The aim is to share these insights with the development industry so that today's innovation becomes the standard of tomorrow, “said Deputy Prime Minister Miles.

The subsidized solar offer for every household includes seventeen 365 W solar modules and a Tesla Powerwall, a state-of-the-art battery with a storage capacity of 13.5 kWh. The solar system will produce an average of 9,000 kWh per year, which corresponds to an estimated saving of USD 2,100 per household – assuming all solar energy generated directly or from battery storage is used. The participating Australian households can contribute to the Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) in Australia thanks to the outstanding capabilities of Tesla Powerwall.

Long considered one of the best ways of living in Brisbane, the Oxley Way is even more appreciated with the introduction of EDQ's Songbird development. Each new home is close to parklands perfect for picnics and protected habitats to explore with your family. The Queensland Government and Natural Solar are jointly investing in the development of homes that become part of the natural environment and focus on green living thanks to solar energy. The development is only 25 minutes from downtown Brisbane and walking distance to The Station Oxley shops and the Oxley train station.

Further information can be found at https://naturalsolar.com.au/economic-development-queensland-tesla-offer

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