Radix IoT, REIG Launch Monitoring Platform for solar techniques

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Radix IoT, a monitoring and management services company, and Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG), a design, engineering, and DAS / SCADA hardware provider for utility-scale solar developers, have teamed up to create REvolution IoT, a DAS / SCADA to launch monitoring and control software platform for solar systems.

As a bespoke version of Radix IoT's Mango platform, included in REnergyWare, REIG's new packaged hardware assembly division, the REvolution IoT software platform and digital O&M services from RESource will reduce the operating costs that Maximize ROI and Improve Efficiency for Medium to Large Businesses Solar PV Industry Customers.

“With REvolution IoT, REIG customers now benefit from the real-time and historical analyzes of the Radix IoT platform, which enable the monitoring and management of solar systems on a large scale,” says Joel Haggar, Chief Strategy Officer at Radix IoT. “With REIG's know-how and reputation in the solar industry and the range of customers, the partnership enables systems to be managed down to the minute to ensure availability and to ensure compliance with continuous operating criteria on a scale.”

Since 2008, US installations have grown 35-fold to over 2,500 utility-scale solar photovoltaic power generation systems across the country, with an estimated 62.5 GW today. With the increasing size and complexity of solar systems, the turnkey monitoring portal from REnergyWare for solar systems on a utility scale will combine the Radix IoT platform and the know-how in software development with the hardware know-how of the PV industry from REIG. REnergyWare meets the requirements of the PV industry for a comprehensive software platform for asset management, production knowledge, customer-specific reporting and alerting – paired with a digital O&M service.

RESource Digital O&M will remotely monitor and manage the solar and networked systems from REIG's operations center in Charlotte, NC. In the event of problems or alarms, REnergyWare engineers can use REvolution IoT to remotely diagnose and fix the problem before sending field service technicians to the site.


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