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Samsung's Neo QLED TV has a redesigned backlight system based on mini-LED.

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Samsung, the world's largest TV company, is pursuing a Blockbuster sales year with new 2021 models promoting even better picture quality and more extras aimed at people who spend extra time at home. It's massive, incredible expensive MicroLED TVs steal the headlines around THESE but its lineup of QLED television include the bread and butter of the company.

This year the best Samsung QLED models, including TVs with both 4K and 8K resolution, are called Neo QLED. The name isn't exactly a reference to Matrix 4, but it does incorporate a lot of futuristic-sounding technologies, all of which are aimed at dethroning the OLED TVs from rivals such as LG and Sonywho keep beating QLED in mine Tests for image quality.

Look at that:

Samsung's new Neo QLED TVs promise better pictures, games …


The heart of Neo QLED TVs is a new one Mini LED based, local dimming with full array Backlight array that increases brightness and provides more precise lighting control. Samsung has made its LEDs 40 times smaller than traditional LED units so that more can be packed into the TV, and even added a (wait for it …) “quantum matrix” to more accurately direct the LED light. The result, according to the company, is improved HDR highlights with minimal bloom (diffuse lighting that changes from light to dark areas) and better shadow detail.

Samsung also upgraded AI upscaling this year to use multiple neural networks (as opposed to just one in previous years) to optimize image quality on both 4K and 8K models.

Neo QLED technology will be used in all Samsung 2021 models 8K QLED Models (the QN800A, QN850A and QN900A series) as well as two series of 4K QLED (QN85A and QN90A). As usual, the pricing was not announced, but if the Q85T is in the same price as that 2020 Q80TIt currently retails for $ 1,500 in the 65-inch size and is cheaper than OLED and aimed directly at mid-range TV buyers.

Beyond the picture, Samsung's new QLED TVs have some more new features for 2021.

On the back of the new Samsung TV remote control there is a solar cell that can be used to charge the battery using the interior lighting.


Rechargeable remote control with solar cell: Alluding to sustainability, Samsung's new remote control uses rechargeable batteries instead of single-use batteries, which Samsung says could save 20 million AAA batteries every year. In addition to a USB-C connection, the clicker can be charged via a solar cell on the back, which even works with interior lighting.

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Game status display and ultra-wide aspect ratio: Samsung's new TVs continue to support next-generation gaming features PS5 and Xbox Series X.including 4K / 120 fps input and VRRBut new for this year, you can long press the remote's play / pause button to bring up a special status screen called Game Bar, which clearly shows which of these features are currently active. You can also play the game in a 21: 9 or even 32: 9 aspect ratio, with black bars filling the rest of the TV's 16: 9 screen.

In the new game bar information about the game input is displayed.

Drew Evans / CNET

Samsung Health with Camera-Based Smart Trainer: Samsung's health app debuted on its televisions in 2020 and this year it will be expanded to offer guided personal training. Plug in an optional webcam (Samsung has a list of recommended cameras, all from Logitech), and the app will record your exercises and coach you with personal trainers from celebrities. Jillian Michaels is the first of six to provide training content. The Smart Trainer feature is available for 2021 Q70A TVs and above.

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Google Duo video chat: The Duo app on Samsung TVs, which again uses an optional webcam, allows up to 12 other people to join the chat. And if you haven't connected a camera, you can view the screen Mirror Duo to the TV on your phone and use his camera. It is not Google's more popular meet Software, but at least it's big screen web chat.

Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby built-in voice: Last year, Samsung TVs also offered all three remote-control voice assistants that included both push-to-talk and hands-free functionality. In 2021, the company's remotes will be just push-to-talk devices, and hands-free microphones that respond to wake-up words like “Alexa” and “Hey, Google” are built into Q70A and later televisions. As always, you can completely disable the microphones.

Microsoft Cloud Services, Wireless Dex: Connect an optional keyboard and mouse to create or edit Microsoft 365 documentsand even work on two at the same time on the big screen. Samsung is also expanding its capabilities Dex Feature available on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets to connect wirelessly.

Samsung's 2021 TVs will ship later this year. Exact model names, series and prices have not been disclosed and, as usual, we'll have to wait for the reviews to see how well Neo QLED actually holds up against the good ol ‘OLED.

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