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As solar energy increasingly contributes to clean, renewable energy for a more sustainable world, WEG has introduced its complete ESW range of central inverter stations for photovoltaic power plants. These are available from Zest WEG, WEG's South African company.

The central solar inverter stations WEG ESW 750 were specially developed for large solar systems and include a range of SIW 750 inverters from WEG. They have a modular structure to ensure greater flexibility in their use. They can be easily integrated to meet the specific needs of any solar power plant and withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, including ambient temperatures from minus 10 ° C to plus 50 ° C.

These WEG solar stations are available with an output of up to 10 MW at 1,500 V and represent an integrated solution with central inverters that have been developed and manufactured using the latest technology. Their design enables quick installation and simplified operation and maintenance.

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of electric motors, electronic devices and systems, WEG has the know-how to ensure that every solar station is fit for purpose and ensures safety, efficiency and reliability.

Solar energy has become an increasingly competitive renewable energy source around the world, offering quick installation with low environmental impact. The WEG central inverters were developed to support this important global trend. They offer a complete solution for investors looking to take the lead to contribute to a more sustainable future.


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