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HOKKAIDO, Japan, February 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Sungrow, the world's leading provider of inverter solutions for renewable energy, announced that a 21 MWh utility-scale solar-plus storage project has been acquired by the company in Hokkaido, Japanhas been commercially operational since then December 2020This shows the continued efforts to maximize solar gains and decarbonize the Japanese economy under the FiT incentives.

Sungrow is supplying 21 MWh of DC-coupled Solar Plus storage in Japan

The project covers around 85 hectares in the northernmost part of Japan Main islands, Hokkaidowho has seen the productive use of renewable energies. Sungrow supplied both PV inverters and energy storage systems (ESS) to the above-mentioned pioneering facility. The turnkey energy storage system integrates DC-DC converters, NCM batteries and BCP. The system uses DC coupling which eliminates conversion losses while increasing efficiency. The batteries smooth the generated electricity and enable more effective integration into the grid. The container solution is easy to transport, install and operate. The sturdy design makes it durable and weatherproof, especially important in Hokkaido where the temperature can be lower than -35 degrees Celsius. Especially with PV inverters and energy storage systems, both of which are offered by Sungrow, problem-free device conformity and O&M. are ensured.

Solar parks in Japan had a high FiT rate but limited ability to sell the energy on the grid. The project has a PV capacity of 6 MWDC, while the grid connection is limited to a limited output 845 kWWac, This makes energy storage an ideal solution, with which electricity can be fed into the grid 24 hours a day. It will generate 7,050,000 kWh per year, which entitles the FiT of JPY 21 per kilowatt hour that supplies 1,958 households with electricity and offsets an annual carbon dioxide of 3,577 tons.

“As one of the countries with the strictest grid codes, Japan offers us many opportunities and challenges. We appreciate the continued trust of partners like Blue Power energy and we firmly believe that we will forge more ventures in both the PV and energy storage segments in the near future, “he said Sun Xiao, Country Manager of Sungrow Japan.

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Since the entry too Japan In 2014, Sungrow established an industry-leading local team offering sales, technical support and customer service tailored to meet different needs. As one of the few companies that can offer both PV and energy storage Solutions, Sungrow, together with global partners, is pioneering a broader range of innovations to make energy even more profitable, accessible and sustainable.

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Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (“Sungrow”) is the world's most bankable inverter brand with over 154 GW installed worldwide December 2020. Founded in 1997 by a university professor Cao RenxianSungrow is a leader in solar inverter research and development and has the largest dedicated research and development team in the industry and a broad portfolio of products that provide PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for commercial, commercial and residential applications, as well as utility-scale, commercial applications Area and in residential areas offers internationally recognized floating PV system solutions. With a strong 24-year history of success in the PV field, Sungrow products offer power supply systems in over 150 countries. Learn more via Sungrow at


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