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Tesla will soon launch the latest addition to the company's smart and clean home options, with the company's Tesla Solar Inverter being showcased by the company, launching it in 2021 for all solar power solutions and needs. The new solar inverter was unexpected for Tesla as Elon Musk had previously highlighted and given importance to the solar roofs for 2021.

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Popular electric vehicle maker and clean energy company, Tesla, has brewed something that is great for clean living and improving power usage with the other products featured earlier. Tesla's solar inverter was recently unveiled by the company and is already seeing a lot of excitement for the many features it would bring.

Tesla Solar Inverter: Unexpected release complements Clean Energy Venture

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According to Tesla, the latest solar inverter completes the company's smart home system that converts direct current (DC) to alternating (AC) current from solar or other energy connections. The main features of the solar inverter are that it can be connected to any solar roof or panel system and still has the safe energy options that it offers.

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What is a solar inverter?

An inverter is a device that converts direct current to alternating current from power sources that are distributed throughout the house and require electricity. Devices include lights, electrical outlets, and any electrical equipment that is in the house.

Tesla's Solar Inverter focuses on the output of solar energy to be collected and distributed for home use.

Tesla Solar Inverter: Technical Data and Features

Tesla's key features for the device are that it complements the clean energy home options, including the Powerwall 2 and solar roof tiles the company has been making since acquiring SolarCity in 2016. The solar inverter has two models, including the 3.8 kW and 7.6 kW models, which differ in function and output.

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In addition, the Tesla Solar Inverter can connect to the Internet via Ethernet cables and wireless cellular or WiFi options for updates and configurations. It can also connect to the Tesla app for home use and connect to the Powerwall.

The solar inverter is guaranteed for a longer period of 12.5 years. Safety features include quick shutdown, protection against arcing faults and earth faults, and dimensions of 660mm x 411mm x 158mm (26 “x 16” x 6 ‘).

Tesla Solar Inverter: Price and Release Date

To switch to Tesla's solar inverter, users will need to contact the company to replace their existing inverters. The company designed the solar inverter to best combine with their solar products as it is reported that other inverters are not working well in their products.

The release date and price were not disclosed by Tesla, but the solar inverter is already available through pre-orders from Tesla. Contacting Tesla would guarantee a schedule for installation and equipment availability.

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