The neighbors’ emotions concerning the solar undertaking in Virginia flare up

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He said he doesn't understand how someone can feel betrayed. The owners have the right to allow the project on their property.

“All of that went through the approval process,” Owen said. “The neighbors had the opportunity to take part in the zone discussions. If you were next to the project, a letter was sent to you. It's not as if it was hidden from them. “

In addition, the project is on Owen's property in front of his house, he said.

Whitt and her neighbor, Art Brunner, support solar energy, but Whitt said, “I think it's a great thing, but I don't want it in my garden.”

Brunner believes solar energy can play a role in the country's energy needs.

“Solar is a good idea, but it is not 100% effective at solving all problems with energy,” he said, adding that the project on Climax Road created noise problems.

But the noise will only be temporary until the project is built, Owen said.

“It will be very quiet in less than a year,” said Owen.

Whitt is also surprised by the scope of the project. Ragsdale said the interference limit would be about 860 acres.

“Little did we know it was going to be this massive,” said Whitt, who has lived in her home on Climax Road for 17 years. “Such a massive project should never have been approved in such a small area where people live.”


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