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Wind-solar hybrid street light is a combination of solar and wind energy power generation technology and system intelligent control technology. It is a renewable energy generating circuit light. The system that needs to be used may also be more than other new energy sources. The basic configuration is solar energy. It consists of a board, a wind generator, a controller, a battery, a light pole, and a lamp. It requires a lot of configuration, but its working principle is not very complicated. This article first introduces the principle of wind and solar hybrid solar street lights, then explains the accessories and advantages of wind and solar hybrid solar street lights, and finally introduces the problems that should be paid attention to when choosing wind and solar hybrid street lights and the maintenance of light hybrid street lights.

The principle of wind and solar hybrid solar street lights

The wind and solar hybrid power generation system is a device that converts wind and light energy into electric energy. The working principle of wind and solar hybrid street lamps is to use natural wind as power. The wind wheel absorbs the energy of the wind to drive the wind generator to rotate and convert the wind energy into electric energy. The function of rectification and voltage stabilization is to convert alternating current to direct current, charge the battery pack and store electrical energy. The photovoltaic effect is used to directly convert solar energy into direct current for use by the load or stored in the battery for backup.

Accessories for wind-solar street lights

Solar cell components, fans, solar high-power LEDs, LPS lamps, photovoltaic control systems, fan control systems, solar dedicated maintenance-free batteries, and other components, solar cell component brackets, fan accessories, light poles, embedded parts, battery buried boxes, etc. Accessories. The following is a detailed introduction:

1. Wind turbine

A wind turbine is a facility that converts natural wind into electrical energy and sends electrical energy to storage batteries for storage. It cooperates with solar panels to provide energy for street lights. Depending on the power of the light source, the wind turbine’s power is also different, generally 200W, 300W, 400W, 600W, etc. There are several kinds of output voltage, such as 12V, 24V, 36V.

2. Solar panels

Solar panels are the core part of solar street lights and the most valuable part of solar street lights. Its function is to convert the sun’s radiant power into electric energy or send it to the storage battery for storage. Among many solar cells, there are three common and practical ones: monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells, and amorphous silicon solar cells. In the eastern and western regions with sufficient sunlight, it is better to use polycrystalline silicon solar cells, because the production process of polycrystalline silicon solar cells is relatively simple and the price is lower than that of a single crystal. In southern regions where there are more rainy days and relatively insufficient sunlight, it is better to use monocrystalline silicon solar cells because the performance parameters of monocrystalline silicon solar cells are relatively stable. Amorphous silicon solar cells are better in the case of insufficient outdoor sunlight because amorphous silicon solar cells require relatively low sunlight conditions.

3. Solar controller

Regardless of the size of the solar lamp, a charge-discharge controller with good performance is essential. To prolong the service life of the battery, its charging and discharging conditions must be restricted to prevent the battery from overcharging and deep charging. In places with large temperature differences, a qualified controller should also have temperature compensation. At the same time, the solar controller should have street lamp control functions, with light control and time control functions, and should have the ability to automatically cut and control the load at night, to facilitate the extension of the street lamp working time in rainy and rainy days.

4. Battery

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Since the input energy of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is extremely unstable, it is generally necessary to configure a storage battery system to work. Generally, there are lead-acid batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, and Ni-H batteries. The selection of battery capacity generally follows the following principles: First, on the premise that it can meet the lighting at night, store the energy of the solar cell components during the day as much as possible, and at the same time, it must be able to store the electrical energy that can meet the lighting needs of continuous rainy days at night. The battery capacity is too small to meet the needs of night lighting. The battery is too large. On the one hand, the battery is always in a state of power loss, which affects the battery life and causes waste. The storage battery should match the solar battery and the electric load (street lamp). A simple method can be used to determine the relationship between them. The solar cell power must be more than 4 times higher than the load power for the system to work normally. The voltage of the solar cell must exceed the working voltage of the storage battery by 20-30% to ensure the normal negative charge to the storage battery. The battery capacity must be more than 6 times the daily consumption of the load. We recommend the use of gel batteries for the choice of batteries, which have a long service life and are more environmentally friendly.

5. Light source

The light source used by solar street lamps is an important indicator of whether the solar lamps can be used normally. Generally, solar lamps use low-voltage energy-saving lamps, low-voltage nano lamps, electrodeless lamps, and LED light sources.

(1) Low-voltage energy-saving lamps: low power, high luminous efficiency, but with a service life of 2000 hours, low-voltage lamps are black, generally suitable for solar lawn lamps and garden lamps.

(2) Low-pressure sodium lamp: Low-pressure sodium lamp has high efficiency (up to 200Lm/w), and it is less used.

(3) Induction lamp: low power and high luminous efficiency. The lamp is used under normal commercial power conditions of 22V (pure sine wave, frequency 50 Hz), and the service life can reach 50,000 hours. The service life on solar lamps is greatly reduced as that of ordinary energy-saving lamps (because solar lamps are square wave inverse meters The inverter, solar power 220V output frequency, item position, and voltage are not comparable to ordinary commercial power.

(4) LED: LED light source, long life, up to 1000000 hours, low working voltage, no inverter, high luminous efficiency, domestic 50Lm/w, imported 80Lm/w, with technological progress, the performance of LED Will be further improved. LED as the light source of solar street lights will be a trend.

6. Light pole and lamp housing

The height of the light pole should be determined according to the width of the road, the distance between the lamps, and the illuminance standard of the road. Lamp shell according to our tungsten collection of many foreign solar lamp information, between the beautiful shell and energy-saving, most of them choose energy saving, the appearance of the lamp is not demanding, and it is relatively practical.

Advantages of wind and solar complementary solar street lights

1. Good economic benefits

Since ordinary street lights must be powered by buried cables, the construction cost of the power supply lines for street lights on roads more than three kilometers away from the power source is very high. With the extension of kilometers, a step-up system is also required. Therefore, on the roads in the outer suburbs, The cost of power supply lines for street lights is high, and the power consumption on the lines is also high. Wind-solar hybrid street lights do not require power transmission lines, consume no electric energy, and have obvious economic benefits.

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2. It can be used as good teaching material for popularizing new energy knowledge

At present, there is a great need to popularize the knowledge of environmental protection and new energy for the public. Wind-solar hybrid street lamps can directly show the applications of solar and wind energy, such as clean natural energy.

3. Beautiful shape, can be used as a road landscape

Windmills are a mascot that brings good luck in traditional Chinese culture. The beautifully shaped windmills are arranged along the road and flying in the wind, which will become the scenic line of the road.

4. Energy-saving, emission-reduction, environmental protection, no large amount of electricity expenses in the future.

A resource-saving and environment-friendly society are becoming the general trend. Compared with traditional street lamps, wind-solar hybrid street lamps use renewable solar and wind energy in nature as energy sources, do not consume any non-renewable energy, and do not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere, resulting in reduced pollution emissions to zero. In the long run, the protection of the environment is self-evident, and at the same time, it also eliminates the cost of a large number of electricity expenses in the later period.

5. The cable laying project is exempted and the construction of a large number of power supply facilities is not required.

The operating procedures of the mains lighting project are complicated, and the basic works such as trench excavation, laying concealed pipes, threading in the pipes, and backfilling require a lot of manpower. At the same time, large quantities of electrical equipment such as transformers, power distribution cabinets, and switchboards also consume a lot of financial resources. Wind-solar hybrid street lamps do not. Each street lamp is a separate individual, with no need to lay cables or large quantities of electrical equipment, which saves both manpower and money.

6. Individual damage does not affect the overall situation and is not affected by a large-scale power outage.

Since conventional street lights are connected by cables, individual problems will likely affect the entire power supply system. This is not the case for wind-solar hybrid light. Distributed independent power generation system, individual damage will not affect the normal operation of other street lights, even in the event of a large-scale blackout, it will not affect the lighting, and uncontrollable losses are therefore greatly reduced.

7. Save a lot of cable expenses, and avoid the loss of cable theft.

The installation of street lights in remote areas where the power grid is not widely available will have a high cost of wire installation and serious theft. Once stolen, the entire power output will be affected and the loss will be huge. There will be no worries about using wind-solar complementary street lights. Each street lamp is independent, eliminating the need for cable connections. Even if theft occurs, it will not affect the normal operation of other street lights and reduce the loss to a low level.

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8. Intelligent control, eliminating manual operation, simple construction, and convenient maintenance.

Wind-solar hybrid street lights are controlled by solar led lights controllers, which can be divided into two automatic control methods: time control and light control, which are both safe and economical; their own independent integrated power supply system is not interfered with by large-area circuit construction, and the process is simple and the construction period is simple. Short, maintenance is more convenient.

9. Urban lighting.

As an emerging energy system, it has played a role in lighting up while saving costs and improving system stability. Today, when traditional energy occupies most of the market, new energy has undoubtedly become a bright spot in cities and communities.

10. Improve people’s awareness of energy conservation. The lack of traditional energy sources and the pollution to the environment has reached the point where it must be resolved. Global air pollution is quite serious, and the use of new energy can effectively raise people’s awareness of energy conservation and make our lives more quality and energy-saving. Wind-solar hybrid street lights are smart street lights that use wind energy and solar energy for power supply. At the same time, they also have the advantages of both wind power and solar power to provide a stable power supply for urban street lights.

Problems to pay attention to when choosing wind and solar hybrid street lights

1. The choice of fan

Fans are the iconic products of wind-solar complementary street lamps. The most important thing in the selection of fans is the stable operation of the fans. The light pole is a positionless pylon, and the minimum reason is that the vibration of the fan during operation causes the fixing of the lamp cover and the solar bracket to loosen. Another main factor in choosing a fan is that the fan is beautiful in appearance, light in weight, and the load on the tower pole is reduced.

2. Design of the best configuration of the power supply system

Ensuring the lighting time of street lamps is an important indicator of street lamps. Wind-solar hybrid street lamps are an independent power supply system, from the selection of street lamp bulbs to fans.

The configuration of solar battery and energy storage system capacity has a problem of optimal configuration design. It is necessary to design the optimal capacity configuration of the system by the natural resource conditions of the street lamp location.

3. The intensity design of the light pole

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According to the selected fan and solar battery capacity and installation height requirements, combined with the local natural resource conditions, design the intensity of the light pole, and determine the reasonable light pole and structural form.

Wind-solar complementary street lamp maintenance and maintenance

1. Maintenance of wind turbine generator

1. Check the wind turbine blades. Focus on checking whether the blade is deformed, corroded, damaged, or cracked, etc. Deformation of the blades will cause an uneven swept area of ​​the blades, and the corrosion and defects of the blades may cause the weight of several blades to be inconsistent, which will cause the wind turbine to rotate unevenly or shake when it rotates. If there is a crack in the blade, it is necessary to confirm whether the crack is caused by material stress or other reasons, but no matter what the reason is, if the solar led lights blade has a crack, it must be replaced.

2. Check the fasteners, fixing screws, and wind turbine rotation of wind-solar hybrid solar street lights, and check whether the connectors or fixing screws at each connection are loose or rusty. If there is any problem, it should be tightened or updated immediately. Rotate the wind turbine blade by hand to check whether it rotates and whether it rotates freely. If it does not rotate well or there is an abnormal sound, it is a bad phenomenon.

3. Measure whether the electrical connection between the surface shell of the wind turbine, the pole, and the ground is smooth. Its electrical connection is smooth, and the wind turbine system can be effectively protected when it is struck by lightning.

4. When the wind turbine rotates in the breeze or the street lamp manufacturer rotates manually, measure whether the voltage at its output terminal is normal. Normally, the output voltage is about 1V higher than the voltage at the other ends of the power storage; if the output voltage of the wind turbine is lower than the battery voltage when it is rotating rapidly, it indicates that the output of the wind turbine is faulty.

2. Inspection and maintenance of solar cell modules

First, check whether there is dust or dirt on the surface of the solar cell components of the wind-solar hybrid solar street light. If it exists, wipe it with water, a soft cloth, or a sponge; for the more difficult to remove dirt, use a gentle cleaning agent that does not contain abrasives. Secondly, check whether there are cracks on the surface of the battery module or the ultra-white glass and whether the electrode has fallen off. If this phenomenon is found, a multimeter should be used to check the open-circuit voltage and short circuit current of the battery module to see if it is consistent with the battery module specifications. At the same time, if the voltage value input to the controller can be measured on a sunny day, and the addressing result is consistent with the output result of the wind turbine, it means that the output of the battery assembly is normal, otherwise, it is an abnormal phenomenon and needs to be repaired.

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