The set up course of for industrial solar panels

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If you've decided to take the plunge and add solar panels to your commercial building, you are probably wondering what to expect from the installation process. The installation process is far more complex than simply placing solar panels on your roof. Below we provide an overview of the steps involved in installing commercial solar panels.

Visit and assessment on site

After you have selected a contractor for your project, the solar panel installation process officially begins. Click HERE to see if your installer of choice has been named 2021 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer. With an initial proposal based on a technical desktop review, a professional from your chosen company will visit and evaluate your site to confirm the system design you need.

Solar array system design

After the site visit, any changes to the design will be made by the installer's technical department. In this phase you determine the price of the system and its installation. Site and electricity plans are required to receive approvals for your project.

Permits and documentation

As with any other construction project, you cannot do a solar panel installation without the appropriate permits and documentation. Check local building codes and make sure you have all required permits before starting the installation. Installers like Solar Liberty will handle all of this research, paperwork, and compliance for you. However, it is a good idea to check your installer's services and keep track of the process.

Installation of the solar panel

The installation of your solar panel system finally begins! During this process, a team of professionals will install racking (or mounting) hardware on your roof (or floor area) and then mount the solar panels on top of that hardware. The installers also complete the electrical wiring so that the solar modules can be connected to the power grid.

Final inspection and supply connection

As soon as the installation of the solar module is complete, a specialist will carry out a final inspection of the structure. Your installer then sends a connection request to your utility company. Once approved, someone will officially connect your solar panel system to the grid and your solar panel system will be ready for use.

With this clearer picture of the commercial solar panel installation process, you won't be surprised by any of the steps in the installation process. If you are looking for an installer to complete your commercial installation of solar panels, contact Solar Liberty. We evaluate your commercial building and help you choose and install the most compatible solar panel system.


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