Trina Solar varieties subsidiary with a concentrate on power storage

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Trina Solar Co. Ltd., a global provider of PV and Smart Energy solutions, has established Trina Storage, a dedicated global business unit.

According to Trina, the new provider of energy storage systems is developing solutions for solar + storage, standalone (network services) and other applications (large industrial and micro-networks). The company is well positioned to solve the technical challenges of independent power generators (IPPs), developers and EPCs in the rapidly changing renewable energy landscape.

“We will see exponential growth in the renewable energy industry over the next few years as energy demand increases,” said Terry Chen, director of the overseas storage business at Trina Solar. “Storage is the only solution that can effectively support this transition. Customers therefore need a trustworthy storage provider with in-depth knowledge of the energy industry. “

The generation of solar energy is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. This will stimulate the great demand for storage solutions, as a high proportion of solar and other renewable energies in energy networks lead to imbalances in the supply. According to market reports, global energy supply markets for utility and C&I will attract more than $ 560 billion in investment by 2040.

According to Trina Storage, the solutions consist of high-quality hardware, software and services that enable utilities, IPPs, developers and EPCs to provide storage faster and more cost-effectively. Trina Storage notes that only Tier 1 components are used to deliver solutions. With in-depth technological know-how, the company offers the optimal storage solution that is required to master complex challenges in the field of renewable energies.


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