Wells Fargo, Ameresco, companions on solar programs for companies

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Ameresco Inc., an independent provider of renewable energy solutions to businesses and organizations, and Wells Fargo say they are working together to develop and install approximately 30MW of new on-site solar power plants in corporate and retail locations in seven states.

The nearly 100 solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays are a combination of roof and floor mounting systems at Wells Fargo's retail and administrative offices in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Iowa, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Texas. Construction work on the systems will begin in April and will run until 2022.

Wells Fargo has met 100% of its global electricity needs with renewable energies since 2017 – initially through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs). The recently announced collaboration is part of the company's efforts to move to long-term agreements that support the development of new net sources of renewable energy in locations where energy needs are greatest. Not only does the strategy help Wells Fargo achieve its environmental goals, it also helps generate community benefits such as job creation, tax revenue and grid stability in locations where customers and employees live and work.

Wells Fargo selected the complex and project, and Ameresco became the preferred employee due to its proven ability to deliver a wide range of services across multiple project types, locations and regulatory frameworks.

The on-site solar systems with a size of approx. 30 MW to be erected under the agreement range from a 6 kW roof field in a subsidiary in Connecticut to a 6.5 MW carport and roof system on the Wells Fargo campus in Chandler, Arizona. Other major projects include a 5.5 MW combo roof / floor mount system for an administrative property in San Antonio, Texas and a nearly 2 MW floor mount system adjacent to a Wells Fargo campus in Des Moines, Iowa that is more than 1 km will include 6 hectares of pollinator gardens, adding to the overall sustainability impact of the project on site.

“Wells Fargo wants to meet its energy goals in a way that slows climate change,” said Nate Hurst, director of social impact and sustainability at Wells Fargo. “We believe you can protect the planet and grow the economy at the same time. By significantly expanding our on-site solar energy generation, we are making an impact at the local level and helping to accelerate a just transition to a low-carbon future. “

Ameresco worked with CustomerFirst Renewables, a renewable energy consultancy, to plan and develop the solar systems.

Click here to learn more about Wells Fargo's commitment to environmental sustainability.


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