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How you can save money and help the environment with a solar battery.

David Gilles, National Sales Manager for Brisbane solar company GEM Energy, explains how a solar battery can benefit your household.

What about the cost?

Over time, and depending on how the household uses electricity, a battery pays off in the end. This generates additional income for the home because users no longer receive high bills from energy retailers.

Impact on the value of the property

There are numerous independent reports from property companies that energy efficient homes are in high demand in the Australian property market. By installing a battery, you no longer pay large and often foreign-owned energy traders for electricity. Instead, you put that money into your own home. They supply your home with clean, green energy and at the same time increase the value of your own property.

Energy independence

Batteries can be connected so that the house is still supplied with power in the event of a power failure. This means that homeowners no longer have to rely 100% on the electricity grid to supply their home with electricity. You save money by using the electricity stored in your battery at high tariff times, while grid-dependent households are exposed to sharp price increases during these peak times. This further increases the return on investment.

Join a virtual power plant (VPP)

Virtual power plants can offer battery owners additional cost savings while creating a safer grid that is less reliant on large coal / gas (fossil fuel) power plants. Battery owners can sell power from their battery back to VPP providers during demand events at a higher price than consuming it directly from the grid.

Charge your electric vehicle with green electricity

It is not always possible to have your EV (electric vehicle) plugged in during the hours of sunshine. A battery should enable the owners of electric vehicles to charge their cars at night from self-generated electricity.





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