What’s a solar orphan?

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A solar orphan is someone who has bought a solar system from an installer who is no longer in the business. So, a sun orphan has a solar system and has no one to call for support or help, and if something goes wrong, even if it may be relatively small, they cannot fix it. Often they have to take this solar system off the roof, throw it away and buy a new one in order to use their solar power.

Part of the problem is if a solar system is installed incorrectly or cheaply and something goes wrong, there is really nothing we can do about it. Because if we go in and try to fix a connection, for example, or even an inverter, and there's another problem up on the roof, we can't test and verify that without spending thousands of dollars.

We believe there are hundreds of thousands of homes that are labeled or classified as solar orphans. They have a solar system on their roof and the installer or company they bought it from is no longer in business.

If you are in this position call us at (02) 8355 9155 and we can help diagnose your situation and clarify your next best move.


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