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DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Added “Supercapacitor Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2020-2025” report Offer.

The global supercapacitor market grew with a CAGR of around 15% in 2014-2019. For the future, the publisher expects the global market for supercapacitors to grow rapidly over the next five years.

A supercapacitor, or ultracapacitor, refers to an electronic device used to store large amounts of electrical charge. It consists of two metal plates coated with porous activated carbon and immersed in an electrolyte made up of positive and negative ions dissolved in a solvent. During charging, ions from the electrolyte accumulate on the surface of each carbon-coated plate, storing the energy formed between the particles. Compared to the traditionally used batteries, supercapacitors provide stabilized performance, handle more fluctuations and discharge cycles, and have far-reaching operating temperatures. As a result, they are widely used in smartphones, laptops, electronic devices, and automobiles that run on batteries and that require rapid charging to function.

The significant growth in the electronics industry as well as the increasing demand for energy-efficient devices for solar and wind power plants are one of the key factors that have a positive effect on the market. In addition, widespread product acceptance in the automotive industry is fueling market growth. Supercapacitors are widely used in automobiles for a smooth charge / discharge cycle that is used to turn the vehicle on and off. Accordingly, the shift in consumer preference for electric and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) is also favoring market growth.

In addition, the increased use of supercapacitors by the utility sector is another growth inducing factor. They are usually used for bridging, ramping and regulating the generator, for primary frequency response and to reduce the voltage drop when monitoring and stabilizing microgrids. Other factors, including growing demand for consumer electronics with high battery requirements, should continue to drive the market.

Mentioned companies

  • AVX Corporation

  • Cap-XX Limited (Kyocera)

  • Eaton Corporation PLC

  • Elna Co. Ltd. (Taiyo Yuden)

  • Ioxus Inc. (XS Power Batteries)

  • Kemet Corporation (Yageo Corporation)

  • LS Mtron Ltd.

  • Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation

  • Panasonic Corporation

  • Seiko Instruments Inc.

  • Skeleton Technologies GmbH

  • Tesla Inc.

Key questions answered in this report:

  • How has the global supercapacitor market developed so far and how will it develop in the coming years?

  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on the global supercapacitor market?

  • What are the main regional markets?

  • How is the market divided by product type?

  • How is the market divided by module type?

  • How is the market divided by material type?

  • What is the distribution of the market according to end-use sectors?

  • What are the different phases in the industry value chain?

  • What are the main driving factors and challenges in the industry?

  • How is the global supercapacitor market structured and who are the main players?

  • How strong is the competition in the industry?

Main topics covered:

1 Introduction

2 Scope and methodology

3 Summary

4 Introduction

4.1 Overview

4.2 Major industry trends

5 Global Super Capacitor Market

5.1 Market overview

5.2 Market performance

5.3 Effects of COVID-19

5.4 Market forecast

6 Market breakdown by product type

6.1 Electric double layer capacitors

6.1.1 Market trends

6.1.2 Market forecast

6.2 Pseudocapacitors

6.2.1 Market trends

6.2.2 Market forecast

6.3 Hybrid capacitors

6.3.1 Market trends

6.3.2 Market forecast

7 Market division by module type

7.1 Less than 25V

7.1.1 Market Trends

7.1.2 Market forecast

7.2 25-100V

7.2.1 Market trends

7.2.2 Market forecast

7.3 More than 100V

7.3.1 Market trends

7.3.2 Market forecast

8 Market division by material type

8.1 Carbon and metal oxide

8.1.1 Market trends

8.1.2 Market forecast

8.2 Conducting polymer

8.2.1 Market trends

8.2.2 Market forecast

8.3 Composite Materials

8.3.1 Market trends

8.3.2 Market forecast

9 Market breakdown by end-use industry

9.1 Automobile and transport

9.1.1 Market trends

9.1.2 Market forecast

9.2 Consumer electronics

9.2.1 Market trends

9.2.2 Market forecast

9.3 Strength and Energy

9.3.1 Market trends

9.3.2 Market forecast

9.4 Healthcare

9.4.1 Market trends

9.4.2 Market forecast

9.5 Others

9.5.1 Market trends

9.5.2 Market forecast

10 Market breakdown by region

10.1 North America

10.2 Asia Pacific

10.3 Europe

10.4 Latin America

10.5 Middle East and Africa

11 SWOT analysis

12 Value chain analysis

13 Porter's Five Forces Analysis

14 Price Analysis

15 competitive landscape

15.1 Market structure

15.2 Key Players

15.3 Profiles of the main actors

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