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BLUETTI, a US-Chinese start-up for renewable energies, has once again performed a miracle with the state-of-the-art AC200 after its great crowdfunding success last year. The newest 5.1 kWh home power plant – the EP500 / Pro – raised over $ 1 million in its first hour on and is now rapidly approaching the $ 3 million milestone in less than three weeks.


It's been more than two weeks since BLUETTI launched its newest flagship series – the EP500 / Pro on Kickstarter – and raised a staggering $ 1 million in the first hour. Since the pre-launch, all the details that BLUETTI has published relate to the EP500. The outside world only knows the most important technical data of the 3000-Watt-Pro, and nobody knows the details of this mysterious “Pro” version.

Today BLUETTI finally lifted the veil.

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Meet the professional.

model EP500 Pro (US / JP) EP500
Battery capacity & chemistry 5120Wh, LiFePO4 5120Wh, LiFePO4
Continuous / peak performance 3000 W / 6000 W. 2000 W / 4800 W.
AC sockets 120 V / 20 A sockets × 4, 120 V / 30 A socket × 1 (NEMA L14-30) 120V / 20A sockets × 4
Solar energy input 2400 W (1200 W * 2) 1200W
30A container NO L14-30 * 1 /.
Smartphone remote control Yes Yes
24/7 UPS & Home Integration Support Yes Yes
Fusion Box Specs 120V / 20A sockets × 4

120 V / 30 A sockets × 2 (NEMA TT-30)

120A / 240V 30A socket × 1 (NEMA L14-30)

120V / 20A sockets × 6 ,

120 V / 240 V 30 A socket × 1 (NEMA L14-30)

12V / 30A connection Yes Yes
USB-C connector 100 W * 2, PD3.0 100 W * 1, PD3.0
Scalability X2 X2

The Bluetti EP500 Pro could be the most powerful Cell phone, mobile phone Kraftwerk ever. It features a breakthrough NEMA L14-30 30A outlet that delivers up to 3000 watts of continuous power at 120V, covering almost all of your needs should the power fail. For your latest digital devices, the EP500 Pro offers two 100 W USB Type-C ports that conform to the PD3.0 protocol. You can easily power your entire family's phones and laptops without those bulky adapters.

Another great feature of the EP500 / Pro is the long list of accessories that go with it. With the introduction of the Pro, due to some updates to the power plant design, both indoors and outdoors, there are also some major changes being made to the accessories:

New EP500 / Pro accessories

In addition to the EP500 / Pro, there are three new accessories for Kickstarter.

BLUETTI Home Integration Kit (subwindow)

Integrate an EP500 Pro into your home circuit

Or two

Ever since BLUETTI launched its 2000 watt AC200 last year, people have wanted to incorporate this power beast into their home electrical circuits. BLUETTI has finally released its first integration kit for its flagship models (which makes perfect sense as the EP500 / Pro is positioned as a home power storage center). According to the information from BLUETTI, users can connect their vital loads / sockets to this “subfield”. If the power grid fails, all these vital loads / sockets will be taken over immediately (in less than 20 ms) by the EP500 / UPS system by Pro. This would be a lifesaver during those power outages that keep your lights on, run your hot water, and keep the space heater warm non-stop.

Fusion Box Pro (for the EP500 Pro)

We have already seen the fusion box for EP500 on the BLUETTI campaign page, with which two of these units can be connected and the power, voltage and capacity can be doubled Split phase. People have been wondering how BLUETTI would connect two 30A sockets to the Pro and generate 6000W of high output power. Here is the answer: the Fusion Box professional is equipped with a range of 30 amp / 20 amp high capacity sockets, including a 120 V / 240 V 30 A socket (up to 6000 W continuous power) as we saw earlier on the Fusion Box , and two NEMA TT-30 sockets (or is usually referred to as the 30amp RV socket), This designation is specially designed for recreational vehicles and is perfect for the RV crowd.

PV voltage step-down modular

The EP500 can accept Photo Voltaic inputs in the 45 to 135 volts range and a slightly wider range of 35 to 150 V for the Pro. Don't worry if you already have a wide range of solar panels in your home or on your roof. BLUETTI's PV voltage can lower your system voltage and adjust the overall input voltage of your array so that it can be used with the EP500 / Pro. This saves the cost of buying additional solar panels for those who have an existing solar grid!

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According to BLUETTI, the price of crowdfunding is often the lowest ever and increases to a relatively expensive daily retail price after the crowdfunding campaign ends. If your home needs such a product to deal with the unpredictable and frequent power outages, now is the best time to place your order.

The BLUETTI team has promised to ship the EP500 in June and EP500 Pro in August.

In order to offer an incentive to order now with the long waiting time of the customer, BLUETTI offers its crowdfunding supporters a 3 year guarantee and lifetime technical support for EP500 and EP500 Pro. You can also opt for the extended additional one-year warranty for $ 399 or $ 699 for two years, which increases the total warranty period to 5 years.

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