Solar Panels

CAMS expands its portfolio with Solar O & M Firm

CAMS expands its portfolio with Solar O & M Company

Consolidated Asset Management Services (CAMS), a privately held company that provides a full range of services to the energy sector, has acquired the US solar operation and maintenance (O&M) business from Belectric Inc. The Belectric portfolio includes 141 operating locations in 11 states. CAMS has extensive experience in the field of O&M and asset management … Read more

Aptos Solar affords AC options for the US market

Aptos Solar offers AC solutions for the US market

Aptos Solar Technology, a provider of solar panel technology, and Northern Electric Power (NEP), a global manufacturer of mircoinverters, have partnered to provide high-performance AC solutions for the US solar market. The Silicon Valley-based companies claim to have entered into a collaborative partnership that combines the design and engineering of their products for optimal power … Read more

Solar FlexRack Delivers Tracker Resolution for Connecticut Solar Tasks

Solar FlexRack Delivers Tracker Solution for Connecticut Solar Projects

Solar FlexRack, a division of Northern States Metals that specializes in photovoltaic (PV) mounting and solar tracker solutions, has supplied its TDP 2.0 solar trackers for a portfolio of distributed generation solar projects in Connecticut. As part of Solar FlexRack’s tracker growth phase in the northeastern US region, the solar projects are being developed by … Read more

New solar websites in Michigan present energy to power shoppers

New solar sites in Michigan provide power to energy consumers

According to Consumers Energy, Pine Gate Renewables, and Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors LP, five new solar energy projects in Genesee County, Michigan and three in Saginaw County, Michigan are now online delivering renewable electricity to Consumers Energy customers. “These solar systems going online are a testament to our commitment to solar energy in Michigan as … Read more

Lightsource bp, AGCS Signal pgPPA for Briar Creek Solar

Lightsource bp, AGCS Sign pgPPA for Briar Creek Solar

Lightsource bp, a global developer and manager of solar energy projects, has partnered with Nephila Climate to enter into a proxy power purchase agreement (pgPPA) with the Capital Solutions unit of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). The pgPPA is designed for power generated by Lightsource bp’s 153 MW Briar Creek solar farm in Navarro … Read more

Obton buys portfolio of Hungarian solar tasks from ReneSola

Obton buys portfolio of Hungarian solar projects from ReneSola

ReneSola Ltd., a fully integrated solar project developer, has entered into an agreement to sell a portfolio of projects in Hungary to Obton, an international solar investment company based in Aarhus, Denmark. “Over the past few years we have demonstrated our expertise in developing and operating solar projects, closing financing transactions and monetizing projects to … Read more

GameChange Solar introduces new BifacialReflector expertise

GameChange Solar introduces new BifacialReflector technology

GameChange Solar introduced the BifacialReflector, a patent-pending new technology that increases power generation for the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker with Bifacial modules. The technology is a highly reflective (0.95 albedo), permanent solid surface up to 4 m wide that reflects light from just above the ground onto the back of the bifacial modules. According to … Read more

DSD expands its portfolio to incorporate solar initiatives from the New York neighborhood

DSD expands its portfolio to include solar projects from the New York community

Distributed Solar Development (DSD), a company specializing in development, structured finance, project acquisition, and long-term asset ownership, has acquired a 10 MW community solar portfolio with two projects in Lenox, NY Both projects are floor-mounted and 75% were bought from a medium-sized development partner. DSD will oversee project management during the remainder of the construction … Read more

Vikram Solar launches the Somera Prexos Collection 6 modules

Vikram Solar launches the Somera Prexos Series 6 modules

Vikram Solar, an India-based module maker, solar EPC player and O&M solution provider, has launched its Series 6 modules – Somera and Prexos – with next-generation M6 cell types – an advanced technology module . The series 6 modules offer a higher output of up to 505 Wp and an efficiency of more than 21%. … Read more

Are Solar Panels and Solar Batteries a Good Purchase?

Are Solar Panels and Solar Batteries a Smart Buy?

While solar technology is widely criticized as being expensive or inefficient, it has come a long way and now proven to be extremely beneficial – not only for the environment, but for many households and businesses as well. There are so many advantages of solar panels and solar batteries. More and more people are making … Read more