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Well, not everyone has an arc reactor on their chest like Tony Stark. When the power goes out, some of us only have a half-charged power bank to power our phones with juice for a few hours. Generark hopes to change that with its sleek, portable, and quiet solar powered generator that can power your home appliances for up to a full week. The Generark HomePower 2 is roughly the size and shape of an air purifier and is a larger version of your power bank with a capacity of up to 2060 Wh. It is portable, which means you can carry it around with you, on the lawn, in the garage or even lend them to the neighbors for a few bonus points. Its chic yet functional design was even praised by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak!

The Generark HomePower 2 is a backup battery for your home that's cheaper than setting up a generator or $ 12,000 on a Tesla Powerwall, it's also classier and quieter than those gas-powered generators that definitely look archaic. The Generark HomePower 2 is roughly 2 feet tall and weighs a pretty commendable 20 pounds. It comes with a high-capacity EV-grade lithium-ion NMC battery that will power 99% of your home appliances (even the heavy ones). It doesn't require installation or even a permit and can be carried or rolled around the house as needed. Each Generark is equipped with 4 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports and a 12 V / 10 A car socket to power a variety of devices so that you can use your entertainment systems Charge home, surveillance systems, kitchen appliances, your workstation peripherals, garage power tools, medical equipment, and even your electric vehicle. In the event of a failure, the HomePower 2 offers emergency backup for around a week, and a clear digital display on the slim housing of the device helps you to see how many hours of power you have left before the HomePower 2 needs to be charged.

The HomePower 2 can be charged in different ways. The backup battery kit comes with an optional set of solar panels that can be placed anywhere and will charge your HomePower 2 in hours … or you can just traditionally plug the generator into a socket in your house and use it for a rainy day juicing. Once charged, the HomePower 2 can store all this energy for a whole year, which makes it much cheaper and easier to maintain in the long run. Plus, it looks a lot slimmer than your chunky, smelly gas generator. With the size and proportions of an air purifier (or a trash can, if you are pedantic), the HomePower comes with minimalist styling and a metallic painted outer body that got a thumbs up from “Woz”. With a detachable wheelbase, you can easily slide the device around your house, into the kitchen or into the living room or bedroom, and with one handle you can easily lift it up and onto the lawn, pool or even to the. haul your garage to charge your electric vehicle. The SolarPower 2 solar modules, which are available as add-ons, are also elegant and portable and can be folded out wherever you need them. A stand on the back of the panels allows you to prop them up and also face the sun, while their weatherproof and waterproof IP67 design allows them to work easily all year round. Each SolarPower 2 module consists of 64 monocrystalline solar cells (SunPower Maxeon Gen III), which offer a 50% higher power conversion efficiency compared to conventional modules.

The HomePower 2 is available in two versions – a starter with 1566Wh capacity and a Plus with 2060Wh capacity. Both are the same size and have the same sockets. The generators also have their own internal battery management system that ensures you can use them while the generator is charging, and internal safety protocols that protect you from overcharging, deep discharge, short circuits, overvoltages and hot temperatures. The Generark HomePower 2 and SolarPower 2 have been tested and certified for energy efficiency and are covered by a respectable 5-year guarantee. They will be delivered as early as August 2021. So if you find yourself in an area prone to power outages, grab one now!

Designer: Bill Webb, Patrick Tufts for Generark Energy Inc.

Click Here To Buy Now: $ 1,399 $ 1,799 ($ ​​400 off and free shipping). Hurry up, only 8/20. Raised over $ 250,000.

Generark Solar Generator – Emergency power supply for the modern home

The Generark Solar Generator is an affordable, easy-to-use backpack power that provides 99% of household appliances with high performance, ultra-fast charging and 7 days of essential power.

The Generark Solar Generator includes the HomePower 2 backup battery power plant and the portable all-weather solar modules SolarPower 2.

Hear from the creative minds behind the design

The Generark Solar Generator was designed by Bill Webb and Patrick Tufts, renowned designers behind many of the most iconic products (including Gopro, Sonos, Nike, etc.) used by millions of consumers around the world.

Supply your devices

How does it work?

The Generark Solar Generator includes a backup battery power plant (HomePower 2) and portable all-weather solar modules (SolarPower 2). The solar panels collect the sun's rays and convert them into energy, which is then stored in the backup battery power plant.

The backup battery power plant can store and hold the electricity for at least a year. When the time comes, it then supplies other devices and devices with power as required via the standard AC output (110 V) and various DC outputs (USB-A, USB-C and car socket).

SolarPower 2 from Generark offers 50% higher solar power conversion efficiency than conventional solar modules, so you can use and convert the sun's rays in less time. In connection with our HomePower 2 backup battery multi-gym, you have the option of supplying a large number of household appliances and devices with power.

If the sun is not available, the HomePower 2 can also be charged from various sources, including a socket, a conventional gas generator or a car socket. Regardless of the emergency situation, generic solar generators are designed to provide you with reliable emergency power that you can rely on.

High compatibility with 9 simultaneous outputs

The HomePower 2 (Plus) has four 20 A AC sockets and is therefore extremely powerful. You can switch on several devices at the same time, e.g. B. a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, medical device, toaster and more!

The HomePower 2 is equipped with two USB-C outputs with PD 100W and two USB-A outputs certified by Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, so it can plug in and turn on your Mac directly and charge your smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices at ultra-fast speeds.

There is also a car socket with 12V / 10A for easy and convenient power supply of all car accessories. Connect your phone, portable GPS navigator, sound system, and portable video player to keep kids busy while you're out in your car or RV!

Essential power for up to 7 days

The Generark HomePower 2 offers up to 7 days of emergency power. A single charge will power your most important devices for up to a week, including but not limited to household appliances, communications equipment, home offices, medical devices, lamps, power tools, and more.

All-weather portable solar panels

The SolarPower 2 is light and foldable. Its portable design allows for easy setup and transportation, making it easy to carry around your home and easy to take with you. With the adjustable stand, assembly or disassembly takes 30 seconds or less so that you can access it quickly in an emergency.

Click Here To Buy Now: $ 1,399 $ 1,799 ($ ​​400 off and free shipping). Hurry up, only 8/20. Raised over $ 250,000.


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