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There is no doubt that solar batteries are expensive and need to be replaced regularly. But many homeowners still prefer to install them considering the significant benefits these batteries offer. If you are also planning to buy a solar system and you are not sure whether you want to install solar batteries for it, here are some advantages of solar batteries that you must be aware of. Just look.

1. It helps to minimize pollution.

Install a Solar battery means that you reduce your dependence on the mains supply. This, in turn, means that you are not consuming any energy produced by fossil fuels, thus contributing to a cleaner and greener earth as you are not contributing to the carbon footprint. So if you are one of those people who think every little bit is important to making the earth a place worth living in, then you should definitely go for solar batteries.

2. It helps reduce energy costs

If the solar panels are not producing energy, your household appliances can draw power from the solar batteries as well as from the local grid. It is preferred, however, that the electricity is drawn from the solar batteries first and then from the local grid when the battery is completely discharged. Because if you operate your household appliances with the charge stored in the battery, you hardly pay anything out of your pocket, because the solar batteries are charged with free solar energy. If, on the other hand, you get the energy from your local grid, you increase your energy bill.

3. Is a must in areas without network support

Solar batteries not only help to reduce dependency on the local power grid, but are sometimes even necessary when the area does not have a local grid or there are frequent and long power outages in the area. The other good thing about solar power systems with solar batteries is that they will continue to supply your home with power even in the event of a power failure; in contrast to the grid-connected inverters, which do not have solar batteries to supply the household with electricity during a power outage. And in case you're wondering why the solar panels (in a grid-tied solar power system) don't provide power to the house during a power outage; Well the answer is that solar panels in an on-grid inverter are programmed to stop producing electricity during a power outage. If the solar panels continue to produce electricity and the excess electricity is fed back into the local grid, the mechanics working on the fault line are at high risk of receiving an electric shock.

4. It offers a noiseless power backup

Until a few years ago, conventional generators were widespread in areas where there was either no grid support or long and frequent power outages. Although they provided the necessary emergency power supply, they also made a lot of noise. But with the introduction of solar energy Systems with solar batteries today people are switching from generators to solar systems, as these do not produce any noise. Solar power systems with solar batteries therefore not only contribute to reducing air pollution, but also to curbing noise pollution.

Tired of long and frequent power outages?

If you are tired of those long and frequent blackouts and your regular UPS inverter at home is unable to provide the backup power it needs, we recommend that you opt for a solar power system with one Solar batteryy. And if you're not sure where to start, we recommend checking out the wide range of solar power systems Luminous India has to offer. You are one of the pioneers in the manufacture of solar products and are trusted by millions of customers around the world.

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