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Solar collectors, which are obtained from the energy of electromagnetic radiation from the sun, are absorbed directly by the solar collectors and converted into direct current, then transferred directly to the national grid system through a grid-connected converter and at the same time the system enables energy to be stored in the storage system and can also be used at Power failure can be used.

What is a solar battery?

A solar storage system is a battery that has been specially developed to store the electricity generated by solar modules and to provide this energy for later use. Solar batteries can be used in several cases:

  • Some small solar systems, typically households with installed solar systems
  • With a large scale, such as B. a company with a larger system and more panels.
  • In a large group of solar energy storage batteries in a solar power plant.

In addition, solar energy storage batteries are increasingly being used in stand-alone solar chargers in cities to charge, for example, cell phones, tablets and computers.

How does the solar power storage battery work?

Solar storage batteries draw power from solar panels. Electricity that is not used immediately is saved for later use. The solar storage (typically a set of solar cells in a combined solar storage) consists of a solar cell, a controller for monitoring and controlling the input level and the current output.

Types of solar energy storage batteries

Solar storage batteries are available in the following types:

  • Lead Acid – This battery is cheaper but has lower performance and a shorter lifespan.
  • NiCad – This battery costs more than lead acid in exchange for better performance and longer life.
  • Lithium iron phosphate – very high energy density, long operating time, very long service life and safety.

Solar energy storage capacity

There are also solar storage batteries in various capacities from 500Wh to 10kWh. An important point, however, is the big difference between maximum and “usable” power. This is because the solar battery is never used to its full potential. Therefore, it must be known whether the capacity of the solar energy storage is the usable capacity or the maximum capacity.

Solar batteries were and are big business, and they will be a major factor in the growth of solar energy in the years to come. By making optimal use of the energy generated by solar systems, they have a significant impact on lowering electricity bills and reducing dependence on the public grid.

This will reduce the pressure on the National Grid and make it easier and more sustainable to meet the growing demand for electricity. And when we talk about the sun Battery prices in India then it varies on the battery size. As on the website of Loom Solar (the best solar brand in India), we can see that the price of a 500Wh lithium battery is INR 12500 while the price of a 5kWh lithium battery is around INR 150,000.

Benefits of the solar battery system

  • Reduce the amount of electricity that is taken off the grid during the day when the price of electricity is higher than at night to maximize the efficiency of reducing your electricity bill.
  • The value of the building is enhanced and the green orientation and modernity of the building are highlighted
  • There is more revenue from the sale of excess electricity when the utility buys it back
  • Contribute to environmental protection with clean energy Reduce the load on the network in the dry season and at peak times.

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