Mayor Prioritizes Homeless, Housing, and Transit with Report Capital Price range of $ 355.three million –

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Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway on Tuesday proposed a whopping capital budget of $ 355.3 million for 2022 with more funds for affordable housing and homelessness, and began building the express bus system.


Dean Mosiman | Wisconsin State Journal

Given the city's tax challenges and urgent needs, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway on Tuesday proposed a whopping $ 355.3 million capital budget for 2022 with more funding for affordable housing, tackling homelessness, helping small businesses and the start of the new year Construction of high-speed bus connections.

“Our economy is recovering, but many of our residents continue to be disproportionately affected by the impact of the pandemic on their jobs, homes and economic security,” Rhodes-Conway said in a budget statement. “The city is working to support residents and businesses that are struggling and address the underlying inequalities in our community.”

The mayor's proposal does not envisage any unexpected major investments, but the capital budget, which was dramatically inflated by the start of the largely federally funded first phase of BRT, is the city's largest ever, doubling the current year's plan at 166, $ 4 million.

“Most of it is federal money that comes into the city that would not be repaid with property tax money,” said city finance director David Schmiedicke.

Rhodes-Conway is using a mix of local and lots of outside money to provide homeless shelters, lower-cost housing and home ownership initiatives, opportunities to start and grow businesses, and start building BRT, a high-frequency, high-capacity, limited Stops that would run 60-foot-long buses on city streets and special lanes with special stations.


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