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With “Thunder”, AE Solar has launched a new 380-400 W solar PV module series that is equipped with monocrystalline PERC technology and efficiency levels of up to 21.3%.

April 20, 2021

Germany-based tier 1 solar manufacturer AE Solar has launched a new, highly efficient series of PV modules. A total of five versions of the Thunder panel are available with rated outputs between 380 and 400 W.

The plates consist of highly efficient monocrystalline PERC cells with efficiencies between 20.3 and 21.3%. The open-circuit voltage is 49.1-49.6 V and the short-circuit current is 9.93-10.12 A. In terms of size, the panels are 1,646 x 1,140 x 35 mm and weigh 20.5 kg. They can be used at operating temperatures from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius and their operating temperature coefficient is -0.34% per degree Celsius.

According to AE Solar, the new panel series has attracted a lot of attention from target audiences and pre-orders have started earlier than planned. A published statement reads: “The solar industry is advancing rapidly. Solar systems are becoming more and more powerful and resilient, while they are becoming cheaper.

“As a result, Thunder – the most efficient next-generation solar panel series – has just been introduced by the company. A profitable combination of high performance and modern aesthetics guarantees that you will maximize your benefits from a solar investment. Panels stand out among other AE Solar products through unique design features, higher performance and highest efficiency. “

Alexander Maier, founder and CEO of AE Solar, added: “I am very excited to share the news from our Thunder launch. Regardless of the challenges of 2020, renewable energy seems to be a start of optimism for a better and cleaner future. Over the past year my international team and I have worked hard to revitalize our brand and portfolio.

“AE Solar has focused on developing our range according to the requirements of the market and our customers. As a moment of reflection, Powerful, the most efficient and enduring thunder, has just been developed. As we say – thunder more power, thunder more savings! We will always dedicate our production and service to the needs of the consumer. “

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