Scientists on the Urals Federal College uncover atomic mechanisms to extend the effectivity of solar batteries – India Training Diary

Scientists at the Urals Federal University discover atomic mechanisms to increase the efficiency of solar batteries - India Education Diary

A team of scientists from the Ural Federal University, the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, the Institute of Chemical Physics Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the National Taiwan University have figured out how to increase the stability of solar cells. The scientists examined structures in which halogens (iodine and bromine) served … Read more

three Key Adjustments to Scale back Vitality Payments at Residence – Seeker Time

3 Key Changes to Reduce Energy Bills at Home - Seeker Time

Energy costs continue to rise as society becomes more dependent on electricity. When you’re tired of paying too much energy, discover the changes necessary to cut your energy bills right away. Here are 3 key changes to reducing your home’s energy bills: Buy energy efficient devices Buy energy efficient appliances to drastically reduce energy consumption … Read more

CNIPA guidelines in favor of Maxeon Solar’s patent invalidation swimsuit

CNIPA rules in favor of Maxeon Solar's patent invalidation suit

Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd. received a positive patent validity decision in a patent nullity suit filed in China by LONGi Green Energy Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese solar manufacturer. The lawsuit is against one of Maxeon’s patents covering its proprietary and fundamental clapboard solar cell technology that uses solar panels that Maxeon designs and sells … Read more

EDF Renewables North America indicators Solar PPA with BASF

EDF Renewables North America signs Solar PPA with BASF

According to EDF Renewables North America, an independent power producer and service provider, the Space City solar project is moving forward with the recent signing of the first tranche of 55 MW AC / 73 MW DC to BASF under a power purchase agreement with development milestones. The total capacity of the project is up … Read more

SUN Mobility needs to arrange 100 battery change stations in Bengaluru by the top of 2021 –

SUN Mobility wants to set up 100 battery exchange stations in Bengaluru by the end of 2021 -

New Delhi: SUN Mobility, a leading provider of electromobility solutions and services, announced on Tuesday that it would set up 100 battery swap stations for electric vehicles in Bengaluru by the end of 2021. In a virtual event, Karnataka stated that Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has officially started the commercial launch of the company’s swap … Read more

CII urges the Treasury Division to impose primary customs duties on solar programs – Enterprise Commonplace

Solar energy

The industry body CII called on the Treasury Department in its memorandum presented on Monday to raise the basic tariffs (BCD) for solar systems announced in the last general budget and stressed that the delay in implementation is having an impact on investments. The CII representatives met with the Treasury Department during a scheduled pre-budget … Read more

Dane County helps Wisconsin’s largest retail solar array

Dane County supports Wisconsin's largest retail solar array

Joe Parisi, Executive of Dane County, and Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) say the 9 MW solar array at Dane County’s regional airport is fully operational, delivering locally generated, sustainable energy to MGE’s distribution system. The array will generate enough carbon-free electricity to supply Dane County with approximately 40% of the energy used by all … Read more